Basic Skills Assessment

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Basic Skills Assessment

If a candidate has not yet applied for Admission to Teacher Education, they must take a basic skills assessment test. There are now four ways to complete this requirement.  They are listed below.

  1. SAT Scores
  2. ACT
  3. Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Praxis CORE)
  4. Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA)

Note: MAT 130 may be used as the mathematics portion of the Basic Skills Assessment. You must earn an A or B in the course. You may not use the composite score or the PDE calculator if you choose this option. Please see your advisor if you have any questions.

For qualifying information, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education website.

DISCLAIMER:  The testing score requirements are set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and are subject to change, without notice, as directed by that Department. As such, we reserve the right to modify any statement on this page at any time, which will be disseminated via email and other means.  The policies and statements are not an irrevocable content, and the Teacher Education Unit is not responsible for determining or changing the score required for passing these tests.