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Decision Point #2 – Admission to Teacher Education

Admission to Teacher Education is the point at which a candidate applies to change from a Pre-Education status to a candidate in a specific education major that leads to PA Teaching Certification. Approval for Admission to Teacher Education must be achieved during the Cal U admission "window", which opens at 48 credits and closes after 65 credits. Once candidates have earned an Admission to Teacher Education, their major is changed from pre-education to education.  Candidates may now take the education courses that are restricted to education majors. Applying to Teacher Education is an ongoing process throughout the year. Students are advised that applications for the Fall semester will be accepted until February 15 and applications for the Spring semester will be accepted until September 15.

Admission to Teacher Education Form

Download the Admission to Teacher Education Form

Applying for a One-Semester Extension of the Admission Window

Some Teacher Education Candidates may not meet their Admission Window and miss their chance to earn an Admission to Teacher Education. In these cases, the Teacher Education Candidates may file an appeal for a one-semester extension. It is the Teacher Education Candidate's responsibility to start the appeal process by completing the Appeal to Extend the Admission Window by One Semester form. This may be done in the semester following their exit from the admission window. 

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