Decision Point #3 – Recommendation for Student Teaching

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A student walks through a lightly snowed pathA student walks through a lightly snowed path

Decision Point #3 – Recommendation for Student Teaching

The culminating activity in the professional sequence in teacher education consists of a minimum of 15 weeks of full-time student teaching in elementary, middle, and/or secondary schools.  Candidates must complete and have submitted a Recommendation for Student Teaching form by April 1 for the following Fall Semester, or by October 1 for the following Spring Semester.

Admission to Recommendation for Student Teaching form

Download the Recommendation for Student Teaching Form

Student Teaching Outside the Cal U Service Area

Requests to student teach outside of California University's service area must be given in writing by September 30 for a Spring student teaching assignment or by March 30 for Fall a student teaching assignment. Consideration of these placements may be granted for documented family hardship, to participate in an urban experience, overseas experience or if student teaching is part of an online program. All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Request to Enroll in a Course During Student Teaching

Student Teaching, with its accompanying, practicum is considered a full-time program for the semester in all programs for certification. Taking a course during student teaching is not recommended due to the high workload required. The request begins with contact and counseling from the academic advisor.

Preparing to Student Teach

Students are required to attend the mandatory meetings each semester. Notices of these meetings are posted on the electronic message boards in Keystone, emailed to all students, included in daily announcements, and posters are displayed in the appropriate buildings.