Decision Point #4 – Completion of Student Teaching

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Two male twins sit smiling outside of a Cal U residence hallTwo male twins sit smiling outside of a Cal U residence hall

Decision Point #4 – Completion of Student Teaching

Student teaching is performance-based and not time-based. Therefore, a number of evaluation forms must be completed before a teacher candidate can be recommended for certification. The evaluation forms are completed by the university supervisor, the classroom cooperating teacher, and by the student him/her self. Successful completion of student teaching required high quality work that is shown on a consistent basis throughout the semester.

Ongoing Student Teacher Evaluation

Student teachers are evaluated both formally and informally. Formal evaluations are conducted on a regular basis by the university supervisor and cooperating teacher using the Student Teacher Performance Summary Evaluation.  Informal evaluations are through discussions between the student teacher and the cooperating teacher and university supervisor.

University Supervisor Evaluation

Each university supervisor will complete the PDE 430 twice throughout the semester as well as a Professional Disposition Evaluation.  The PDE 430, required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, evaluates teacher candidates in these domains: Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instructional Delivery, and Professionalism.

Cooperating Teacher Information

The person who is most influential on the performance of new teachers is the cooperating teacher. Professionals who accept this responsibility are active participants in the development of new members of the teaching profession and contribute to the increase in excellence of the quality of education we deliver to society's youth. The cooperating teacher page provides additional information being a cooperating teacher.

New Teacher Support

Once you begin a career as a professional educator, you will certainly face many challenges and opportunities. Find out about the professional enrichment opportunities that Cal U education majors have available to them.

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