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Department of Criminal Justice

The Department of Criminal Justice at California University of Pennsylvania offers a hands-on education that meets modern demands in the security of our towns, states and nation. Our various programs include criminal justice, law, homeland and international security, criminology, cybercrimes, and forensic sciences.

As a graduate of our department, you will have the education, skills and training necessary to meet your individual and career goals. With highly qualified professors who have real-world experience and access to hands-on internships, students who graduate from the Department of Criminal Justice find employment in:

  • Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies
  • Courts and law offices
  • Correctional institutions
  • Probation and parole
  • Juvenile justice;
  • Emerging fields of forensic science, electronic fraud and white-collar crime.

Degree Programs

The Department of Criminal Justice hosts the following programs:

Honor Societies and Clubs

Our department offers you membership in the following honor societies:

Our department also offers the following clubs:

  • Criminal Justice Club
  • Forensic Science Club
  • Law and Justice Society
  • Mock Trial Team

Contact Information and Hours

Department of Criminal Justice

Azorsky Hall
Rooms 117 and 118

Phone Numbers:
(724) 938-4424 and (724) 938-4042

(724) 938-4265