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A photo of Cal U's Azorsky BuildingA photo of Cal U's Azorsky Building


Student worker Abby Haburcsak.The English Department welcomes you to explore our pages and links and contact us about the many avenues to explore in English Studies.  English is a comprehensive discipline.  Its scope encompasses a study of the evolution of the language itself, the various types of writing, the literature in English (poetry, drama, fiction, and essay) and the comparative study of literature.  As a course of study, English enables people to express themselves clearly and to read their ideas and those of others in an appreciative and critical manner.  The ideas expressed are boundless, the content emotive, as well as rational.  Contact our secretary, Carrie DeFigio, or our chair, Margo Wilson, for more information.  Above:  Student worker Abby Haburcsak greets visitors to the department.

English Department Events, 2014-'15

New Student Orientation

On Aug. 26, the English Department held an orientation for new English majors.

Below:  Back row (from left):  Jerron Corley and Amanda James.  Front row (from left):  Branda White and Kennedy Figas.

New English majors attend the department orientation on Aug 26.

English Department Faculty Achievements and Student/Faculty Projects

2012-'13, 2011-'12


English Department Events, 2012-'13

Below, Top Row: President Gerri Jones greets visiting poet Kofi Anyidoho. Below, Middle Row:  North Carolina poet laureate and former Cal U student Joseph Bathanti discusses his work. Below, Bottom Row, Left: The audience is intrigued by the poetry of visiting instructor Michael Levan, at Right

  President and Kofi

Bathanti speaking to students and staff

 Poetry Reading AudienceMichael Levan

Dr. Christina Fisanick Coordinated the Celebration of Student Writing

Below: Dr. Christina Fisanick organized the department's annual Celebration of Student Writing, an event that recognizes the efforts of Cal writing students. The Celebration was held in Natali Student Center on May 2.

Professors Participated at Graduation

Below, left: Dr. Sarah Downey and Below, right: Dr. Anthony (Todd) Carlisle attended the Spring 2013 graduation ceremony.
sarah downeytodd carlisle

Farewell to 2013 Retiree Dr. Bill Hendricks

Below: Dr. Bill Hendricks at right, was honored at a spring luncheon. He retired after 23 years at Cal U. Dr Anthony (Todd) Carlisle, at left, was among the well-wishers.


 The Sporadic Encyclical
The Spore

Check out The Spore to find out what the English Department faculty have been up to.

Dr. Sarah Downey Takes the Cake

Some of Dr. Sarah Downey's students baked a "wug" cake to make the fictitious linguistics creature a little more real -- and tasty!

Dr. Sarah Downey with students and a  The wug cake

Other Recent Retirees

Below, Top Row: Dr. Madeline Smith retired from the English Department in Spring 2012, after serving as English Department chair for nine years. Bottom Row, Left: Betsy Natali joined her husband, Alan, at Right, at a luncheon celebrating his retirement in Spring 2012.

Madeline Smith  









  Betsy and Alan Natali 

Dr. Kurt Kearcher Takes Students to Peer Tutoring Conference

Read more in the Spore, above, about Dr. Kurt Kearcher’s trip to Miami with four Writing Center students. They presented at the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing. Kearcher is a member of the group’s steering committee. In the photo, from left, are: Kearcher, Leann Rerko Orris, Theresa Bush, Adam Kavulic, and Nate Folkemer.

Dr. Kurt Keacher, Leann Orris, Theresa Bush, Adam Kavulic, and Nate Folkemer








Dr. Mark Aune's Shakespeare Class Stages Performances

The Spore
Romeo and Julietfirst photo below, from left
second photoAs You Like It
Students Perform Romeo and JulietStudents Perform As You Like It

English Department Student Projects

Journalism Projects

Cal Corner, Spring 2014, Journalism III (Editing)
and Writing for Publication Students, Print   Online Edition
Cal Corner Spring 2014   Cal Corner Spring 2014 Online  

Reporting, Fall 2013
Reporting Class, Fall 2013 

Cal Corner, Fall 2013, Individualized Instruction

Cal Corner, Fall 2013

Multimedia Journalism, Spring 2013
Multimedia Journalism Spring 2013

Cal Corner, Spring 2013, Individualized Instruction
Cal Corner Spring 2013, Individualized Instruction

Cal Corner, Spring 2010

A screen shot of a Cal U Journalism blog homepage

Other Class Projects

Reporting, Fall 2011

Reporting, Fall 2011
Feature Writing, Spring 2011

 A screen shot of a Cal U Journalism blog homepage

Individualized Instruction, Journalism 3, Spring 2012

Cal Corner, Spring 2012

 Individualized Instruction, Journalism 3, Fall 2011

Cal Corner, Fall 2011

 Individualized Instruction, Journalism 3, Spring 2011

 Thumbnail shot of the Independent Studies, Journalism 3 class project

Secondary Education English Student Teacher Showcase

Secondary Education English Students demonstrated what they've learned and been doing in their classrooms. From Left, Top Row: Lauren Caumo, Lora Davis, and Leann Rerko-Orris; From Left, Bottom Row: Theresa Bush, Tim Strother and Maghan Amodei.
Lauren Caumo
Lora DavisLeann Rerko-Orris                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Theresa Bush   Tim Strother    Maghan Amodei                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Celebration of Student Writing Spring 2012

Thanks to:

Celebration of Student Writing Coordinator Dr. Krystia Nora

And to:

  • Dr. Todd Carlisle
  • Dr. Sarah Downey
  • Dr. Christina Fisanick
  • Dr. Lisa Schwerdt
  • Professor Margo Wilson 

And to the approximately 200 students who participated.

Student Choice Best in Show Award Winners

Clarissa Hollows, Mackenzie Gregor and Erin Donnely in Dr. Kurt Kearcher’s class

Student Choice Most Creative Award

Emily Lorence in Dr. Krystia Nora’s class

Faculty Choice Award Winner

Carol Mannix for projects in Dr. Lisa Schwerdt’s class and Dr. Sarah Downey’s class 

And thank you to the College of Liberal Arts and to California University of Pennsylvania for supporting the Celebration of Student Writing 2012

Dr. Bill Hendricks' World Literature Class, Spring '12

Dr. Krystia Nora's Composition Class

Kristen McKenzie Raps for Intro to Poetry Class

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A Celebration of Student Writing, Spring 2013

National Poetry Month

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