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Dr. Christine Peterson


  • B.S.: Elementary Education, Edinboro University
  • M.S.: Administration and Supervision, Johns Hopkins University
  • Ph.D.: Education, West Virginia University


Dr. Peterson has 20 years of experience as an educator, including as a public school teacher in Maryland Public Schools and Prince George's County and Harford County schools. She was also an assistant principal at Waynesburg (Pa.) Central Elementary School and has taught undergraduate and graduate level classes in reading and language arts, computer technology and field experience. She also has supervised student teachers. Peterson is certified in elementary K-6, reading specialist and elementary principal K-6.

In 2008, she became the online program coordinator for the department's three 100% online programs in early childhood education, English as a second language and national board teacher certification preparation.


  • Introduction to Elementary Education
  • Literature and Literacy
  • Foundations of Literacy Theory and Instruction
  • Diagnostic Case Studies
  • Remedial Case Studies
  • Education Services Internship
  • Computer Assisted Instruction
  • Teaching Language Arts
  • Teaching Reading
  • Language and Literacy II
  • Student Teaching

Research Interests

  • Reading and literacy
  • Instructional technology
  • English as a second language

Service Learning Projects

  • Family Literacy Night conducted at California Elementary School with the assistance of graduate students. Parents and children are invited to attend and will work together playing literacy-focused games. The first event was held in the West Jefferson Hills School District.
  • Children's Literature Festival. Graduate students hosted a Children's Literature Festival in the Belle Vernon Area School District. The students used creative drama to retell popular children's stories.
  • Online Literature Circle Project. Collaborated with Dr. Richard Wyman and Dr. Deborah Farrer's graduate and undergraduate Teaching Social Studies courses and Peterson's Teaching Reading course to establish online literature circles using Blackboard. Students read particular literature selections and assumed different roles each week. They conducted their discussion groups via Blackboard.
  • Belle Vernon Campus Visit. Hosted a literacy game segment during the daylong campus visitation for fifth-graders.
  • Total Quality Learning (TQL) Project. Students in Teaching Language Arts collaborated via the courseware program Blackboard with sixth-grade students in the Connellsville Area School District on a Writing Process project.
  • R-Buddies Cyber-Field Experience Project. Students in Teaching Reading collaborated with 200 elementary-level students in Texas. Graduate students prepared before, during and after reading activities that students in Texas completed and returned for feedback and evaluation.

Favorite Student Story

"Every semester for the past four years, I have taught a course titled Introduction to Elementary Education.  In this course, students observe in elementary classrooms for a minimum of 30 hours. Throughout this course, teacher candidates engage in reflective discussions about their classroom experiences. Each semester I get to enjoy their excitement and passion for the teaching profession as they begin to discover what teaching is really like."

Academic Department(s)

  • Department of Childhood Education

Academic Program(s)

  • M.E. Elementary Education (with certification)
  • M.E. Reading Specialist
  • M.E. English as a Second Language
  • Grad. Cert. Reading
  • M.E. Early Childhood Education
  • M.E. Elementary/Special Education Certification
  • B.S. Education in Early Childhood/Middle Level Education Services
  • A.S. Early Childhood Education
  • B.S. Education in Middle Level (Grades 4-8) Education
  • B.S. Education in Pre-K - 4 Education

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Keystone Hall 308