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A student holds a bunch of Cal U balloons.A student holds a bunch of Cal U balloons.

Dr. Diane H. Nettles


  • B.S.: Elementary Education, University of South Florida
  • M.Ed.: Elementary Education, University of South Florida
  • Ph.D.: Curriculum and Instruction in the Department of Childhood/Language Arts/Reading Education. Dissertation: “A Study of the Variation in Probing Behaviors of Teachers Across Two Subject Areas and Two Levels of Student Ability”


Dr. Nettles is the department chairperson of the Childhood Education department beginning Spring 2013.  She was the recipient of the Jeff and Beverly Berger Fellowship in 2011, and sponsored the Berger Fellowship Conference for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in October 2012.  She has been teaching at California University for 24 years, is the recipient of the 2002 Faculty Professional Development Teaching and Learning Merit Award, and has been nominated twice (2007 and 2009) for the President’s Gala Award for Teaching.  Prior to her work at California, Dr. Nettles was an assistant professor at Gallaudet University, and a classroom teacher of grades 1 and 4 in Baltimore and Tampa.  


  • ELE 302 Literacy Foundations II
  • ELM 301 Reading Methods, Assessments, and Interventions
  • RSP 705 Psychology of Reading
  • RSP 734 Content Area Reading
  • EDE 460 Student Teaching 

Research Interests

Dr. Nettles is currently doing research in the area of literacy education, especially how to teach children to comprehend. She also is interested in researching what motivates people to read.

Student Involvement

Dr. Nettles' students plan and teach a lesson in a local elementary school at the end of each semester. She is the founder and faculty sponsor of the Early, Middle, and Special Education Book Club.  


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    • Nettles, D., & Diehl, H. (2010). Strategies for powerful comprehension Instruction: It takes more than mentioning! Huntington Beach, CA: Shell Education. 


    Academic Department(s)

    • Department of Childhood Education
    • None

    Academic Program(s)

    • M.E. Reading Specialist
    • Grad. Cert. Reading
    • M.E. Reading Specialist
    • A.S. Early Childhood Education
    • B.S. Education in Early Childhood/Middle Level Education Services
    • B.S. Education in Pre-K - 4 Education
    • B.S. Education in Middle Level (Grades 4-8) Education
    • None

    Contact Information



    Keystone Hall 313

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