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An outside view of the campus quad.An outside view of the campus quad.

Dr. Mary Ann Salotti


  • Ph.D.: Counselor Education, University of Pittsburgh


Dr. Salotti is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania. She has worked in the mental health field for more than 30 years and is currently a psychologist in the Counseling Center at Cal U. During her career, she has provided psychological services to several thousand people, written funded federal and state grants, and presented more than 400 workshops and training programs in the United States. Since 1997, she has presented papers and conducted workshops in Canada, at the University of Toronto, and the United Kingdom, at the University of Edinburgh, University of Dublin and the University of Warwick.
Since 1994, Dr. Salotti has been a Counseling Center psychologist at Cal U. During this time, she also completed successful studies of first-year student stressors and Cal U seniors' attitudes and awareness of college counseling. She has been the Faculty Professional Development Center's representative for all faculty with assignments outside the classroom.
Dr. Salotti has served as a member of the executive board of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education's Association of Counseling Center Faculty. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and the American College Counseling Association and is a fellow of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association.
Over the years, Dr. Salotti has provided quality psychological consultation and counseling services that enabled students to persist, and often thrive, in the academic environment. Learning what is of interest and importance to others, and communicating those interests accurately and in an organized, timely manner, are some additional ways Dr. Salotti has contributed to the community of higher learning.

Research Interests

  • Emotional health and distress management in the college student population
  • Crisis intervention on college campuses

Student Research Projects

  • Completed a study of Cal U seniors' attitudes and awareness of college counseling

Service Learning Projects

  • Past chair for the Faculty Professional Development Service and Service Learning Subcommittee
  • Volunteer presenter for Somerset County, Pa., Depression Support Group

Quotes From Students Who Have Received Counseling Center Services

As a result of receiving Counseling Center services, I learned:

  • That my problem was not just going to go away. I had to do something about it. ... I learned to cope better with my boyfriend and my anger.
  • How to cope with the everyday stresses of school and home life ... to prioritize my activities.
  • That I'm perfectly normal. I learned better habits so that I don't "beat myself up" so much.
  • How to be more confident in my own ability to deal with my situation as an individual.
  • Helpful ways to deal with my anxious behavior; for example, by first looking for the evidence that I really have something to fear.
  • How to make better decisions and feel more comfortable with the decisions I do make.
  • It is not selfish to take care of and look out for myself, and also I learned ways to deal with my anxiety before it worsens. This was my second try at counseling, and it helped this time. I wouldn't be here and where I am academically without it.
  • To have better relationships and how to communicate more effectively.
  • That I made a good decision when I came to the Counseling Center. I learned a great deal about how the mind works and how to change my sad mood.
  • The Counseling Center can help you get through your first year at Cal U.
  • More about clinical depression, what it is, how it affects both the person who has it and those around them, and how to build relationships once the depression lifts.
  • To accept help from a variety of people to accomplish my goals at California University of PA, instead of going it alone and being depressed. This willingness has made all the difference.

Academic Department(s)

  • Office of Student Affairs

Contact Information



Carter Hall G-62


"It is heartwarming to see students, who once had personal problems, graduate and feel better about themselves. These are the students who thought they could never manage their personal problems and may never accomplish their goals. And there they are, throwing their caps in the air with everyone else. What a journey they took from despair and worry to success and hope for a better future. Providing the support these students need to make the journey to graduation is a wonderful part of my work at Cal U."

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