Autism Spectrum Disorders - Certificate

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A Cal student taking a picture with her parents on graduation day.A Cal student taking a picture with her parents on graduation day.

Autism Spectrum Disorders - Certificate

Below are the four courses (12 credits) that you'll need to take to earn your certificate in autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

However, the prerequisite for Communication, Behavior and Instruction is ESP 701 Introduction to Behavior Analysis (or other applicable course). This course may be taken concurrently with Nature/Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders, but prior to Communication, Behavior and Instruction. Applicable courses must be approved by the program coordinator.

Nature/Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders (3 credits): This introductory course provides a foundation in understanding and addressing the unique and complex challenges individuals on the autism spectrum face in their learning, development and social experiences.      

Communication, Behavior and Instruction: ASD (3 credits): This course offers preparation in the design and delivery of communication, behavior and instructional supports for diverse learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and includes data-based assessment and intervention; Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA);  functional communication; Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC); environmental supports; structured teaching; differentiated instruction; and cognitive, developmental and sensory-based approaches.

Life Transitions and Partnerships: ASD (3 credits): This seminar is designed to offer rigorous exploration and critical analysis of contemporary issues influencing the lifelong learning, development and sociocultural experiences of people on the autism spectrum. The course addresses core professional competencies in autism-related knowledge and practice: (1) transition, vocational and independent living, (2) sexuality, (3) family support and partnerships, (4) school and community partnerships, and (5) professional literacy and leadership.

Navigating the Social World: ASD (3 credits): This seminar is designed to provide preparation in methods to enhance socialization, communication and imagination in diverse learners with ASD. The course merges the theoretical understanding of the "triad of impairments" as defining features of autism with practical modes of assessment and intervention.

ESP 740 Nature/Characteristics: Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
ESP 741 Communication, Behavior and Instruction: Autism Spectrum Disorders3
ESP 742 Life Transitions and Partnerships: Autism Spectrum Disorders3
ESP 743 Navigating the Social World: Autism Spectrum Disorders3

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