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Comprehensive Exam

The Comprehensive Exam is an exit requirement in addition to completion of course work for the MBA, MBA Entrepreneurship and MBA Business Analytics programs. The goal is to check the minimum competencies in certain functional areas of Business. There are seven questions, one from each of the following areas (which are part of Required Core of Eight graduate courses for the MBA program):

  1. Managerial Accounting
  2. Economics
  3. Corporate Finance
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. International Business
  6. Marketing
  7. Strategic Management

Comprehensive Exam Overview:

  • Students are required to answer any Five out of Seven questions
  • These questions are written and graded by the instructors who have taught these courses.
  • A STUDY GUIDE, based on input from the instructors writing the questions, is provided in the early part of each semester to the students to narrow down the topic(s) to be covered on the exam from each of these areas.
  • The students are supposed to have either completed courses (or courses in progress during the semester of exam) in at least five of these courses.
  • Each question is graded by the instructor who writes the question.
  • The Graduate Coordinator puts the overall grades together to determine Pass/Fail.
  • An average grade of B is expected for the overall exam to pass the exam.  
  • The Comprehensive Exam in offered once each semester (in November, April and July) and it can be taken more than once if a student does not pass it on the first attempt.
  • The exam dates are announced at the start of each semester.
  • The failing grade is not recorded on the transcript.
  • In addition to having an overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher for the graduate course work, passing this exam is a requirement for graduation.
  • Cal U will utilize Respondus Lock-Down Browser for the administering of the Comprehensive Exam.  In order to utilize Respondus, students will be required to download Respondus Software and have access to a Web Camera.  For more information, please contact D2L Administrator, Jon Kallis at or 724.938.5718.

Please contact the Graduate & Global Online Program Coordinator, Dr. Chawdhry (email: with additional questions.

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