Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Curriculum

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A Cal U student walking on Cal U's campus with a backpack on.A Cal U student walking on Cal U's campus with a backpack on.

Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Curriculum

Master of Science: Clinical Mental Health Counseling - 60 Credits

Our curriculum will prepare you with appropriate academic preparation and personal growth opportunities to serve as a professional master's degree-level counselor. You are expected to develop a high level of self-awareness, a strong knowledge base and competent counseling skills in order to practice ethically and professionally within a diverse society.

Consistent with these expectations is the emphasis placed upon your growth in exhibiting the dimensions of warmth, empathy, unconditional positive regard, genuineness and congruence. During your time in the community and agency counseling program, you will gain an understanding of how humans grow and develop, how they learn, and how social, cultural, economic, religious, political, and educational systems impact personal development.

Get a description of each of Cal U's Clinical Mental Health Counseling courses from our Course Catalog.

Below is a recommended framework of courses for completing the degree.

 *Electives will be selected in conjunction with your advisor. The following courses are recommended:

  • CED 715: Advanced Counseling Theories
  • CED 730: Advanced Counseling Skills and Techniques
  • CED 777: Student Affairs Services in Higher Education
  • CED 778: The College Student and Higher Education Environment
  • CED 779: Administration of Student Services in Higher Education
  • CED 780: Issues and Techniques in Counseling Athletes
  • CED 781: Sports Counseling Programming
  • CED 782: Advanced Issues and Techniques in Counseling Athletes
  • CED 788: Special Topics
  • Thesis OR Research Paper

Area I: Core Courses Required for Candidacy12

CED 702Counseling Theory3
CED 710Counseling Skills and Techniques3
CED 724Experiential Group Process3
CED 789Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling3

Area II: Advanced Counseling Core9

CED 705Developmental Group Counseling3
CED 720Cross-cultural Counseling3
CED 786Career Counseling3

Area III: Field Education12

CED 711Practicum in Counselor Education3
CED 712Clinical Field Experience in Counselor Education6
CED 787Integration, Collaboration and Consultation3

Area IV: Psychological Foundations9

CED 717Diagnosis and Treatment in Mental Health3
CED 722Assessment Procedures for Counselors3
CED 755Counseling Across the Life Span: Prevention and Treatment in Schools and the Community3

Area V: Research3

CED 785Research Methods in Counseling3

Area VI: Clinical Core15

CED 708Substance Abuse and Addiction3
CED 735Introduction to Family Therapy
CED 791Crisis Counseling and Disaster Preparedness3

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