Accelerated Degree Programs 

California University of Pennsylvania offers qualified undergraduates an exceptional opportunity to save time and money with accelerated degree programs. These select programs provide an expedited pathway to your master's degree: You'll start your graduate studies even before you complete your bachelor's degree. 

Cal U's Accelerated Bachelor's-to-Master's Degree Programs enable qualified undergraduates, beginning in their junior year, to take graduate courses that apply to both their bachelor's and master's degrees. This opportunity is available for selected academic areas at Cal U. (See approved list below.)  

 The accelerated option means that a qualified degree-seeking undergraduate student approved for this pathway: 

  • May take and apply graduate degree credits - as an undergraduate - toward the Accelerated Bachelor's-to-Master's Degree Program. 
  • May apply up to 40% of graduate program credits - and pay undergraduate tuition - to satisfy the requirements of the undergraduate degree. 

Save Time and Money 

For instance, for a typical 120-credit bachelor's degree and a 30-credit master's degree: Instead of completing 150 total credits for both degrees, an undergraduate in the accelerated program would complete only 138 credits for both degrees, or 12 credits less (40% of the 30 master's degree credits).

Qualified undergraduates in the accelerated program gain important benefits: 

  • Complete your master's degree more quickly. 
  • Earn graduate credits while satisfying requirements for the bachelor's degree. 
  • Save time and money while completing both bachelor's and master's degrees.  

Approved Accelerated Degrees  

The Accelerated Bachelor's-to-Master's Degree option is available for these Cal U degree programs:  

Bachelor's Degree  

Master's Degree 

B.A. Arabic 

M.A. Social Science: Arabic 

B.S. Business Administration 

M.B.A. Business Administration 

B.S. Criminal Justice 

M.A. Applied Criminology 

B. S. Professional Studies in Education 

M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

B. S. Professional Studies in Education 

M.Ed. School Counseling 

B.S. Psychology 

M.A. Conflict Resolution 

B.S. Psychology 

M.S. School Psychology 

B.A. Sociology - Deviance 

M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

B.A. Sociology - Deviance 

M.Ed. School Counseling 


Program Requirements 

To qualify for the Accelerated Bachelor's-to-Master's Degree Program, undergraduate students must: 

  • Have attained at least junior standing (minimum of 60 credits) and have a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.00. (If the intended graduate program requires a higher GPA, the student must meet the higher GPA requirement before taking graduate courses.) 
  • Apply for admission to the graduate school and meet all admissions criteria (except for the earned bachelor's degree).  
  • Secure approval from the dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research 

Students also should be aware that: 

  • The number of graduate credits registered in one semester while still an undergraduate may not exceed six, and the total number of credits registered in that semester may not exceed 18.  
  • Grades earned in graduate courses as part of the Accelerated Bachelor's-to-Master's Degree Program will be entered into your overall undergraduate and graduate grade-point averages.  

If you have questions or need help, contact Graduate Admissions at  gradschool@calu.ed or call 724-938-4187.