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Gain in-depth knowledge about areas critical to protecting the nation: border security, security policies, emergency management and infrastructure protection. The online graduate certificate program at California University of Pennsylvania offers quality learning in the specialized area of homeland security.  

The graduate certificate in homeland security aims to enhance career skillsets for law enforcement, public safety, cyber security and emergency management personnel. You can earn the certificate as a standalone credential or as part of the master's degree program in legal studies.   

Examine the range of threats to our homeland.

  • Choose our fully online graduate certificate program for access to recognized faculty experts in Pennsylvania and across the country who have had excellent experience in the field.
  • Earn your graduate certificate in just 12 months to strengthen your current position or prepare for advancement.


Core topics:

Courses in the homeland security graduate certificate focus on such issues as domestic extremism in the United States; biological, chemical, nuclear and WMD threats in homeland security; intelligence practice in homeland security; and terrorism, threat and vulnerability analysis and protection.

Multifaceted focus:
The Homeland Security course examines the range of potential threats to the U.S. homeland; explores strategies and the means for addressing these threats, including both military and non-military options; analyzes organizational issues and impediments to effective policy coordination; and addresses the implications of homeland security challenges and policies for constitutional rights, legal protections and civil liberties. 

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As a fully online program, Cal U's graduate certificate in homeland security is flexible and accessible.
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Certificate Benefits

The graduate certificate in homeland security prepares civil servants and other professionals to be on the front lines of defense to protect our nation.

  • Study the strategies, plans and programs to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States and reduce its vulnerability to terrorism.
  • Learn about organizational arrangements needed to strengthen homeland security, including local/state/federal, civil-military and interagency cooperation.
  • Understand how government leaders make immediate and long-term improvements in homeland security preparedness.
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Graduate Outcomes

Earning a graduate certificate in homeland security is a cost-efficient way for professionals in law enforcement, security or emergency management to enhance their resumes and broaden career opportunities.

Homeland Security - Graduate Certificate
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Career network

Cal U students study with many types of professionals who enroll for quality learning at Cal U. Graduate certificate students are from law enforcement, the police, the military, private sector security, government agencies and more. You'll develop valuable career contacts and colleagues.   

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Professional resource

The Institute for Law and Public Policy at Cal U provides continuing education for a wide range of professionals in southwestern Pennsylvania through degree and certificate programs, and professional development and training opportunities.

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Degree option

Cal U's online master's degree in legal studies with a concentration in homeland security prepares students for in-demand careers. This graduate degree program blends courses from the fields of humanities, business and political science with the legal and policy issues related to homeland security.  Cal U graduates are ready to work for employers ranging from the Department of Homeland Security, Secret Service, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and local and state law enforcement.

Homeland Security Certificate Courses

This specialized certificate program ensures thorough study of the strategic, political, legal and organizational challenges associated with defense of the U.S. homeland.

Course Examples
  • Domestic Extremism in the United States
  • Terrorism, Threat and Vulnerability Analysis and Protection
  • Biological, Chemical, Nuclear and WMD Threats in Homeland Security
  • Intelligence Practice in Homeland Security

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Homeland Security Graduate Certificate Program Faculty

Larry Bassi
Adjunct Professor


Kevin Govern, J.D.


Brian Kohlhepp
Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Jeffrey Magers
Associate Professor


Dr. William Morgan
David Smith, J.D.


Dr. Christina A. Toras
Associate Professor, Director of the Institute for Law and Public Policy


Michael Vennum, Esq.