Health Science and Exercise Leadership

Health Science and Exercise Leadership Online Doctorate (D.H.Sc.)

About Health Science and Exercise Leadership

Step to the forefront of promoting health and wellness in our society.

Advance your career with your doctorate in health science and exercise leadership, an online degree program from California University of Pennsylvania. 

A recognized academic innovator, Cal U offers this distinctive graduate program:  a 100% online post-professional degree that addresses the impact of an aging population and the societal shift from treating disease to promoting wellness and health. 

Gain an excellent pathway to career advancement.

The D.H.Sc. degree program will provide you with important benefits, including:

  • Guiding your development to assume top leadership positions throughout Pennsylvania and the United States in the areas of health science, health promotion and wellness, adult learning and evidence-based practice.
  • Gaining advantages for promotion opportunities if you are already in the healthcare sector in clinical, professional, educational, managerial or research roles.
  • Enabling you to finish your online D.H.Sc. degree courses in two years and then complete your dissertation in your final year. Your only on-campus program requirement is to present and defend your dissertation research.


Solid core: The 45-credit core of this doctorate in health science and exercise leadership includes online graduate degree courses in advanced exercise science, adult learning, leadership and research.

Research focus: The D.H.Sc. program's first cohort of students created a white paper on the topic of health promotions and wellness of the individual in their first semester at Cal U. The white paper is under consideration to be published.

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In 2003, Cal U was the first university selected by the National Academy of Sports Medicine to become NASM's partner to develop top online exercise science programs.
1.1 million 
new jobs will be created in the exercise science career field by 2022.
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Degree Benefits

The D.H.Sc. program will prepare you to drive the change from America's current "sickness-centric" healthcare to a preventive health and wellness focus. Your degree courses and dissertation work will position you as a leader in exercise, fitness and wellness throughout Pennsylvania and across the United States.

  • Study community and corporate wellness.
  • Learn the essentials of human movement science.
  • Examine nutrition plans for peak performance.
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Graduate Outcomes

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, exercise science and healthcare will produce top jobs at above-average pay rates through 2022. D.H.Sc. degree graduates are trained for a range of career positions with employers in Pennsylvania and nationwide, including:

  • Educators in health, exercise and wellness.
  • Advanced clinical practitioners.
  • Administrators and managers of health-related enterprises.
  • Advanced professional or technical positions in healthcare.

Health Science and Exercise Leadership Courses - Online D.H.Sc. Program

Example Courses
  • Health Promotion and Wellness for the Individual
  • Theories and Foundations of Adult Learning
  • Learning Concepts for the Adult Learner
  • Community and Corporate Wellness
  • Essentials of Human Movement Science
  • Values, Ethics and Promotion of Health and Wellness
  • Exercise Physiology: Assessment and Exercise Prescription.
  • Nutrition for Peak Performance.



Health Science and Exercise Leadership Faculty

Dr. Carol Biddington

Dr. William B. Biddington
Professor; Interim Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research

Dr. Marc S. Federico

Dr. Jeffrey R. Hatton
Associate Professor

Dr. Rebecca A. Hess

Dr. Barry E. McGlumphy

Dr. Brian Oddi
Assistant Professor

Dr. Linda Platt Meyer

Dr. Ellen J. West
Associate Professor

Dr. Tom West