Anthony Papageorgiou '18 - Conflict resolution

Nicholas Papagerogiou - student in online conflict resolution degree.

Conflict Resolution Program

'It Develops Leadership'

For a self-proclaimed “terrible student” when he arrived at PennWest California, Anthony Papageorgiou did just fine.

At age 20, he has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, a master’s degree in applied criminology, and two graduate certificates in behavioral crime analysis and applied criminology, all from PennWest California.

 “I was recruited to play soccer, but I had to sit out a year until I improved academically. That was the motivation for me — to get on the field and play.

 “PennWest California has been good to me, academically and personally. I had a lot of support in my goal to earn my degrees.”

 Papageorgiou isn’t finished yet.

 In 2018 he added another PennWest California master’s degree — in conflict resolution — and started the Doctor of Criminal Justice program. He expects to finish his doctorate by 2020. Then it’s on to law school.

 “I researched a lot of different programs,” he says. “The online platform and the professors for applied criminology and conflict resolution are excellent.”

 His goal is to practice criminal law, which is why he added the conflict resolution master’s after taking a class in applied mediation and negotiation in spring 2018.

 “I saw how relevant it was for now and what I could do later,” he says.

 “Everyone should take a course in critical thinking and conflict resolution. It develops leadership qualities you can take with you to use both professionally and personally.”