Cybersecurity Partnership

Through a collaborative agreement, Shippensburg University students may enroll in PennWest California cybersecurity courses for a cybersecurity concentration in the Shippensburg master's degree in Computer Science.  PennWest California's PSM in Cybersecurity provides professionals with specialized knowledge in cybersecurity and related skillsets to meet the demands and challenges of economic and infrastructure security in a high-technology society. The curriculum emphasizes both fundamental knowledge in current cybersecurity practices and management/leadership abilities.

PennWest California - Shippensburg Agreement

How to Apply & Register:

Shippensburg students must complete the Distance Education Form provided to them.  This form must be submitted to the Shippensburg Registrar and will be provided to PennWest California.  Students participating in this program will be registered by Shippensburg and PennWest California. You will receive outreach from both instititions:

     For more information, please contact the Shippensburg Registrar office:

     Phone:  717-477-1381

For assistance, please contact:

  • PennWest California Global Online (for course information, D2L support, academic calendar dates, etc.), or 1.866.595.6348
  • PennWest California Graduate Admissions (for visiting student questions), or 724.938.4912
  • Ship Graduate Admissions (for admission questions), or 717.477.1148
  • Ship Financial Aid (for consortium agreement questions, financial aid questions),  or 717.477.1131
  • Ship Bursar (for billing and payment information),  or 717.477.1211
  • Ship Academic Records (for final grades),  or 717.477.1381