Top 10 Reasons To Get A Special Education Master Degree

Are you ready to take the next step in your special education career? A master’s degree in special education from California University of Pennsylvania is just what you need to open the door to new and exciting career paths. Our program offers many specialized online M.Ed. programs created with the demands of the working teacher in mind. Our graduate program also offers a dual certification (Pre-K to grade 8) for students looking to become certified special education teachers for the first time.

Here are the top 10 reasons to receive an accredited online master’s in special education from Cal U.

  1. A Convenient Master’s Degree in Education

Aside from our on-campus dual certification M.Ed., Cal U’s graduate programs in special education are delivered completely online, and the coursework has been designed with the demands of the working professional in mind. Our courses work with your schedule, and our assignments often can be applied directly to your current classroom. In other words, our M.Ed. adds to your work life rather than distracts you from it. Earning an accredited master’s degree from a top graduate program has never been easier.

  1. An Award-Winning, Accredited M.Ed. Graduate Program

U.S. News and World Reporthas named Cal U’s graduate program in education a “Best Online Program” three years in a row. California University of Pennsylvania began as a teacher’s college, and our 165+ years of educating high-quality teachers and other education professionals has taken on a new expression in the digital age. Our online master’s in special education program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. In addition, Cal U's education programs have been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) since 1954, and we are continuing with the successor organization, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

  1. An In-Demand Profession

Record teacher shortages are creating a high demand for special education teachers and related professionals, both in Pennsylvania and across the United States. While the teacher shortage affects most grade levels and subjects, it has been particularly evident in the field of special education, where there are many job vacancies that need to be filled by degree-holding professionals. Most states list special education as an area of high need, with many school districts recruiting teachers from out of state. (Recent graduates of our bachelor’s degree program also are finding jobs at an unprecedented pace and list the friendly job market as one of many degree benefits.) People who already hold a bachelor’s degree in special education are using this opportunity to gain the qualifications necessary to move into more dynamic and lucrative educational roles. Other teaching professionals are choosing to earn a master’s degree in special education because of the tremendous job stability within special education, especially as some school districts are beginning to create incentive packages in order to find and retain special education professionals. Cal U offers an online master’s in special education with certification for grades Pre-K to 8, as well as an online M.Ed. with teaching certification for grades 7 to 12.

  1. The Many Benefits of a Master’s Degree

The nationwide teacher shortage is creating unprecedented job opportunities in special education, with many states increasing salary and benefits in order to attract and retain top educators, including those with an M.Ed. degree. Many school districts are recruiting teachers from out of state, and changes to certification requirements are making it easier to find rewarding careers at prime destinations across the country. This shuffle of special education teachers also is creating opportunities for upward mobility, especially for educators with a master’s degree. Even Cal U graduates who are comfortable in their current position may feel more confident in their jobs – and many find their M.Ed. coursework immediately applicable to their classrooms. An advanced degree has tangible benefits, too. Teacher pay scales throughout the country almost always include a salary increase for educators who complete a master’s degree, meaning that an online M.Ed. from Cal U is a great investment in your future. Many special education programs and nonprofits have programs that can help working educators pay tuition costs for advanced degrees in this in-demand field.

We invite you to continue exploring the top 10 reasons why earning an online master’s degree in special education from Cal U is just what you need to begin the next chapter of your career. 

  1. Degree Concentrations in Autism

While California University of Pennsylvania offers many online master’s degrees in special education, the degree concentrations in autism spectrum disorders are helping to fill a major need in a field that many people find compelling. Over the last few decades, the incidence of autism spectrum disorders has risen at an alarming rate, and many special education programs and nonprofit organizations are scrambling to find degree-bearing professionals with advanced skills in working with people on the autism spectrum. Cal U’s graduate program offers an online master’s in special education with a specific focus on autism spectrum disorders. Our graduate program also offers an online M.Ed. in special education with a general concentration in applied behavior analysis, which has proven to be a very effective tool in special education classrooms, particularly while working with individuals on the autism spectrum. This particular degree prepares you to become a board-certified behavior analyst. Along with the general applied behavior analysis M.Ed., Cal U also offers an online M.Ed. in applied behavior analysis with an emphasis on autism. This course of study prepares you to become board-certified in behavior analysis (BCBA), with a certificate in autism spectrum disorders. All of these online master’s degree tracks can prepare you to be a valued member of any special education program, or to improve the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum by working with various agencies and nonprofit organizations.

  1. A Respected Online Graduate Degree

Our long tradition of educating teachers is one of the top 10 reasons to receive a master’s degree in special education online from Cal U. We’re a trusted public university with a proven track record of preparing innovative, dedicated teachers for special education positions in Pennsylvania and across the country.

  1. A Host of Career Options

While many students of Cal U’s graduate program are already actively working in special education, there are many more career options with a master’s in special education. Along with the many special education careers available within school systems, an online master’s degree can open the door to dynamic career paths in state and federal agencies, nonprofit groups, and businesses. Many employers are focused on improving the lives of individuals with disabilities, and they often recruit professionals with a master’s degree in special education. These career paths can have impressive upward mobility and highly competitive compensation packages. See our discussion on undergraduate special education degrees, which identifies potential employers outside the classroom setting.

  1. A Dedicated, Nationally Recognized Faculty

California University of Pennsylvania has a nationally recognized faculty. Professors in our M.Ed. program have contributed to a host of scholarly publications and have won many awards, honors and distinctions throughout their careers. However, we’re most proud of the fact that they are also excellent teachers with real-world experience. They know that our graduate program is only as good as the degree of care they show their students, and most go out of their way to build strong relationships with their students, including those who study online. 

  1. A Thriving Professional Community

Cal U’s graduate program in special education has built a meaningful and engaged network of alumni and current students who share similar interests and are united by a commitment to individuals with disabilities. It’s one of the top 10 reasons why students chose the online master’s degree in special education at Cal U! Our online M.Ed. program allows our graduate students to network with like-minded special education professionals throughout the country. Along with the professional advantages that result from these interactions, our M.Ed. students build lasting relationships and learn from one another long after they’ve earned their master’s degrees.

  1. A Master’s Degree with a Mission

Some people have jobs, and other people have callings. While a career in special education has its challenges, it is also emotionally rewarding: Our graduates make a positive impact on the lives of others in a very real and unmistakable way. If special education is your calling, earning an online master’s degree is more convenient than ever before, and the job stability within the special education field makes Cal U’s M.Ed. program a worthwhile investment in your future.

A master’s degree from Cal U can qualify you for the rewarding career you’ve been working toward. Why wait? Apply now!

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