Top 10 Reasons To Get An Exercise Science Master's Degree

If you have a bachelor’s degree in exercise science or a related field, should you consider graduate school? If so, what can you do with an exercise science master’s degree?

At PennWest California, we’re confident that investing in an online exercise science master’s degree can open up many new opportunities to enhance your professional life and career trajectory. Studying exercise science results in a versatile graduate degree that qualifies you for exciting jobs, solid careers and your own personal growth.

PennWest California’s online Master of Science degree in exercise science and health promotion is designed for working professionals and recent bachelor’s degree graduates in the health and fitness industry, including, health and physical education teachers, coaches, chiropractors, personal trainers, business owners, wellness counselors, military personnel and other health/fitness professionals.

Why do all these professionals go on for graduate study in exercise science? Here are the top 10 reasons to earn an online exercise science master’s degree – and choose PennWest California:

  1. Sharpen your knowledge: As an undergraduate you studied exercise science, athletic training, physical education or a similar area. It’s what you’re really interested in, and you know it’s your calling. Earning an online exercise science master’s degree at PennWest California takes you to the next level of expertise: You’ll learn more about the human body and how exercise can improve fitness, athletic performance and quality of life. You can also delve into research and prepare to teach.
  2. Choose to specialize: With a master’s degree in exercise science and health promotion at PennWest California, you can zero in on those areas that especially interest you. PennWest California offers 24 different master's degree options in exercise science: Choose from eight master’s degree program concentrations and sixteen dual concentrations, plus earn certificates in exercise science for specialized skills. And you can prepare for certification in exercise science.  Wonder what’s your best path?  We can help you determine how to choose a concentration or dual focus that’s right for you.

    Online Exercise Science Master’s Degree: Concentrations 

    Select a single concentration as the focus of your degree or add a second approved area of focus to create a dual concentration. Post-bachelor’s certificates are available in these areas as well.

  3. Benefit from online convenience: PennWest California was the first university to launch online exercise science master’s degree programs to provide premier training to working professionals. Delivering our nationally ranked online graduate programs in exercise science means you can study anywhere, any time: You can complete graduate study while working full time and managing the rest of your busy life. PennWest California’s exercise science and health promotion online program can be completed in 12 consecutive months attending full time or 18 consecutive months attending part time.

  4. Get ahead – cost effectively: Exercise science master’s degree students in PennWest California’s Global Online program do not pay fees for on-campus services, and most pay a reduced, competitive, out-of-state tuition rate. Our online degree programs offer affordable ways to pursue a graduate degree.

  5. Expand career options: PennWest California graduates with online exercise science master’s degrees are successful professionals in fitness, athletics, health and wellness, healthcare and more in positions throughout Pennsylvania and nationwide. You’ll find PennWest California alumni across a wide range of exciting jobs and influential positions, including:

    •   Professional sports leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL).
    •   More than 50 major sports teams (Boston Celtics to L.A. Rams).
    •   Top fitness companies such as LA Fitness.
    •    Leading hospitals and healthcare systems.
    •    Military leaders in health and fitness.

  6. Gain certification, an important job advantage: PennWest California’s online exercise science master's degree programs will prepare you to take national certification examinations from various fitness certification organizations, including the National Academy of Sports Medicine; Club, Spa, and Fitness Association; and National Association of Speed and Explosion. At PennWest California, most of the exercise science degree concentrations embed course content to prepare you for nationally recognized certifications, including: 

    • Certified Personal Trainer
    • Performance Enhancement Specialist
    • Corrective Exercise Specialist
    • Certified Specialist in Speed and Explosion
    • Certified Wellcoach
    • Fusionetics®
    • Les MillsTM
  7. Build a professional network. You’ll study with PennWest California faculty members who are nationally recognized experts in exercise science. For instance, exercise science faculty members Dr. Barry McGlumphy, Dr. Linda Meyer and Professor Julie Ramsey-Emrhein have all been inducted into the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society Hall of Fame. Because you’re in online classes, you’ll study with the same cohort of classmates from around the country who will become your lifelong colleagues and professional resources. PennWest California’s partnerships with many professional organizations such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine not only enhance your curriculum but also connect you to respected experts in exercise science and related fields.
  8. Create a solid future: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of fitness trainers and instructors is projected to grow 10% through 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. As businesses, government and insurance organizations continue to recognize the benefits of health and fitness programs for their employees, incentives to join gyms or other types of health clubs are expected to increase the need for fitness trainers and instructors. Your online exercise science master’s degree ensures job opportunities and solid earnings. You also can consider going on for your online doctorate in exercise science at PennWest California to further expand your options.
  9. Add special skills: In addition to completing your online exercise science master’s degree, you can obtain further focused study by completing a certificate in exercise science by taking just four courses. PennWest California works closely with NASM to develop content. PennWest California’s graduate program in exercise science offers the following five distinct certificates that also can prepare you for certification:

    •     Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention.
    •     Wellness and Fitness.
    •     Rehabilitation Science.
    •     Sport Psychology.
    •     Wellness Coaching.

  10. Help others. Help yourself. Studying exercise science introduces you to many opportunities to help other people. Depending on your career choices after you earn your master’s degree in exercise science, you could be helping others to learn to walk again after an injury, develop programs to enable athletes to regain their strength and ability after surgery, or coach others to gain the well-being of becoming physically fit. And while you make a difference for others, you’ll also learn practical skills to keep yourself healthy and fit for a lifetime.


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