MBA Career Paths

Going on for graduate study in business and earning your Master of Business Administration demonstrates your commitment to keep learning and building your skills. Pursuing your MBA while balancing life and work responsibilities shows employers your willingness to go the extra mile to deepen your knowledge and expand your expertise.

Worthwhile Investment

If succeeding in business is your career goal, earning your MBA at PennWest California can lead to important returns on your investment of time, money and effort. You’ll gain a well-rounded business education that focuses on quantitative and technology tools to make you job-ready to compete effectively in our global economy.

PennWest California's MBA programs, available on campus or 100% online, targets what you need to stand out in today's business world. PennWest California offers one of the largest MBA programs in the region, offering a variety of courses in all functional areas of business.

As a PennWest California student, on campus or online, you can count on excellent advising support and a dedicated faculty to help guide your studies to align with your talents and career goals. Your courses will combine academic theory and practical experience, so you're ready to apply what you learn immediately. You'll also be prepared to explore a broad array of post MBA career paths. You can complete your MBA online in as little as one year.

Boosting their career earnings potential is one of the top motivations for individuals considering a graduate business degree, according to the Graduate Management Admissions Council. In the findings from GMAC’s 2016 Prospective Students Survey, most prospective students worldwide (57%) and in the United States (75%) specifically reported being motivated by a desire to increase their salary potential. What salary range can they expect after earning their degree?

The results of the GMAC’s 2017 Alumni Perspectives Survey highlighted the long-term financial returns of a graduate business education based on responses from nearly 15,000 alumni. In total, 75% of alumni respondents agree that their degree provided them with opportunities for quicker career advancement, and 82% agree that their degree increased their earnings power.

On average, GMAC reports, the total compensation package for graduate business school alumni ranges from a median of $75,513 for an entry-level position to $440,122 for a C-suite executive. As alumni move up the career ladder, a greater proportion of their compensation comes from non-salary sources, such as bonuses.

Specialize for Success

The Graduate Management Admissions Council also reports that for the first time, its 2017 Corporate Recruiters Survey findings show that 1 in 4 employers who planned to hire recent MBA graduates in 2017 said that specialized MBA graduates tend to receive higher starting salaries compared to traditional MBA graduates. 

At PennWest California, MBA students can choose from three concentrations: business analytics, healthcare management and entrepreneurship. 

  • Business analytics: More data means more jobs, so you can choose an MBA concentration in business analytics. MBA students who specialize in business analytics explore trends in information technology and learn how to transform data into meaningful tools to drive business strategies.
  • The healthcare management MBA provides the necessary tools and skills for students who want to pursue careers in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • The entrepreneurship concentration helps students develop business fundamentals to transform start-up ideas into results-focused enterprises.

PennWest California also offers the opportunity to earn dual degrees:

PennWest California's MBA programs, on-campus and online, give students the skills necessary to be valuable business managers. As a PennWest California graduate, you will be ready to pursue MBA career paths in management, business consulting, research and development, and fundraising.

Our graduates are working in such organizations as the Bank of New York Mellon, PNC, U.S. Department of Energy, Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, National City Bank, 84 Lumber, PWC and other top accounting firms, and many more. PennWest California's Career and Professional Development Center connects our students and graduates to potential employers through networking events, job shadowing opportunities, on-campus and off-campus recruiting, job and internship fairs, and organizational contacts.

Get on your MBA career path today at PennWest California of California.  Apply now! 


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MBA career paths

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With your 100% online MBA at PennWest California, you can keep working and earning, while managing other aspects of your life. We make it possible to learn anywhere, anytime. 

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