Top 10 reasons to get a msn degree

Top 10 Reasons to Get a MSN Degree

You’re always looking ahead to consider new opportunities in your nursing career. A significant next step can be your decision to earn a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree in nursing administration and leadership to prepare for a strong future in the field.

PennWest California offers a nationally respected online MSN degree program that can set you on a new and rewarding career pathway.

Here’s a closer look at the top 10 reasons to get your MSN degree online – and choose PennWest California:

1. Deepen your expertise: PennWest California’s online MSN courses build on baccalaureate nursing programs and include nursing theory and research, health promotion and disease prevention, health policy, legal and ethical practice, management, organization, delivery systems of patient care, human resource management, and healthcare finance.  For instance, in the Nursing Administration Role practicum course, students spend 150 hours working with a preceptor and being guided by faculty as they develop and work on a quality improvement project. Since many students complete the practicum at their place of employment, they work on a QI project that has meaning and relevance to their own workplace.

2. Get ahead where you are. The online MSN degree program at PennWest California is designed for registered nurses who are working and balancing career and life responsibilities. PennWest California’s fully accredited MSN is a 100% online degree program that can be completed full time in three terms and part time in four terms. This means you can continue working and managing the rest of your life, while earning your MSN – and building an important career advantage.

3. Fill a need.The United States is facing an unprecedented nursing shortage, as more nurses are retiring and the demand for healthcare is escalating, especially as more aging Americans need attention. 

  • The National Council of State Boards of Nursing and The Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers report that 55% of the RN workforce is age 50 or older.
  • The Health Resources and Services Administration projects that more than 1 million registered nurses will reach retirement age within the next 10 to 15 years.
  • The Atlanticmagazine says that by 2025, the nursing shortfall is expected to be more than twice as large as any nurse shortageexperienced since the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid in the mid-1960s, according to researchers at Vanderbilt University. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this means that by 2022 there will be more than 1 million jobs open for registered nurses.

Nurses will be needed to educate and care for patients with various chronic conditions, such as arthritis, dementia, diabetes and obesity, and nurse leaders are vital to staff a wide range of healthcare facilities and settings across the country. 

 4. Benefit from online learning. Through the expertise of our Global Online program at PennWest California, students can count on an excellent education that’s readily available on your laptop or desktop. Our 100% online MSN program is specially designed to meet your unique needs:  

  • The opportunity to study for a top-quality degree any time, anywhere.
  • Flexibility to fit in classes around your professional and personal commitments.
  • An affordable and accessible education.Global Online students do not pay fees for on-campus services and, in many cases, are eligible for a reduced, competitive, non-resident tuition rate.
  • Access to course content in easy-to-useways that let you interact fully with professors and classmates, and form a network of professional peers. Attend PennWest California anywhere, any time, as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection and a modern computer. 

5. Prepare for certification. The online MSN degree in nursing administration and leadership at PennWest California gives you solid preparation to take certification exams from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the American Organization of Nurse Executives Credentialing Center (AONE).

AONE Credentialing Center Certification Programs offers two certification programs: Certified Nurse Manager and Leader (CNML), which is the only certification program created for nurse managers, and Certified in Executive Nursing Practice (CENP) Certification, which is tailored for nurse leaders who are engaged in executive nursing practice.

Among the man certifications available from the ANCC, the nurse Executive competency-based examination provides a reliable assessment of the clinical knowledge and skills of nurses charged with managing the daily operations of a unit or service line. Once you successfully pass the exam, you are awarded the credential Nurse Executive-Board Certifiec (NE-BC)  

6. Find your niche. According to the 2016 MSN Alumni Survey at PennWest California:

  • 95% of our graduates reported they were prepared to assume a role as a nurse administrator or leader.
  • 100% of PennWest California nursing alumni were prepared to synthesize nursing theories with practice principles and methodologies for a variety of healthcare environments.

7. Expand career options.Nursing administrators have a predicted job growth of 22% by the year 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is above the average level of job growth for other industries across the country. The salary is also competitive in this particular market, with an annual pay rate of $98,460, depending on training and certification.

PennWest California's online MSN degree program in nursing administration and leadership is committed to developing nurse professionals who are preferred by a wide range of employers in Pennsylvania and beyond, including:

  • Allegheny Health Network (AHN) hospitals.
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) hospitals.
  • Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh (UPMC).
  • Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC.
  • West Virginia University Hospital.
  • Veterans Health Administration (VHA) hospitals.
  • S. Navy, U.S. Army.

8. Build a professional network. You’ll go through the online MSN degree program at PennWest California as part of your own student cohort.You’ll learn with these classmates throughout the program – and stay connected with them as valuable resources and contacts that will last throughout your career.

PennWest California also hosts Pi Rho, the local chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, the honor society for nursing. Students eligible for membership must rank in the upper 35% of the class with an average grade-point average of 3.0 or higher. Pi Rho promotes networking and continuing education. 

 9. Earn an accredited degree.PennWest California's MSN degree program is fully accreditedby the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).A degree from an accredited program makes you even more competitive in the job market; employers often prefer to hire accredited practitioners because they are trained under nationally established standards for nursing education.

Officially recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a national accreditation agency, CCNE is an autonomous accrediting agency, contributing to the improvement of the public's health. CCNE ensures the quality and integrity of baccalaureate, graduate and residency programs in nursing.

CCNE serves the public interest by assessing and identifying programs that engage in effective educational practices. As a voluntary, self-regulatory process, CCNE accreditation supports and encourages continuing self-assessment by nursing programs and supports continuing growth and improvement of collegiate professional education and nurse residency programs.

10. Add a specialization. PennWest California gives you the opportunity to add a specialization in nursing education to your online MSN degree. Focus on leadership or try the MBA-MSN degree program for a focus on healthcare administration. Earn you post-master’s certificate in just four semesters, taking 100% online classes in the spring, fall and summer.

Start counting up all the reasons why you should earn your MSN degree online at PennWest California. Apply now!   

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