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A photo of the main campus building.A photo of the main campus building.

Mission Statement

The BA in Jurisprudence: Legal Studies concentration prepares its graduates for entry level positions in the legal system or advancement from current position or rank. Legal Studies is an eclectic field which addresses, analyzes and critiques the law and its implications from a social, administrative, occupational, operational, philosophical and managerial perspective. Special emphasis is given to the ethical considerations inherent in all legal decision-making, the constitutional parameters of law and its practice and practical assessments of how law influences the culture, the community and the individual. Students will be exposed to theories of law but just as critically application principles and practices. Graduates will be not only learned in the law but the roles and functions needed for many of the legal system’s present employees.

This course of study enhances the ability to advocate and argue; the capacity to research and assess; the disposition to reconcile and mediate; and the plethora of human and institutional skills necessary for action, legislation or policy implementation.

Implementation of this new web based degree serves historically underrepresented clientele, namely those that lack the flexibility or financial resources to attend class fulltime, those with variable work hours or family responsibilities that make attending a traditional undergraduate program a difficulty.

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