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Student Objectives

The key to success in the BA in Jurisprudence: Legal Studies Concentration will inevitably depend on not only your intellectual skill but your organizational ability. The study of law and its diverse applications requires many talents - none more compelling than those related to deductive reasoning and the synthesis of information. Cal U offers up the most challenging of programs and expects its students to reach high.

At end, the successful graduate will be able to:

  • Understand those professions related to legal studies
  • Become familiar with relevant professional associations
  • Analyze career tracks and opportunities
  • Interpret and analyze legal materials such as case law and statutory materials
  • Explain the public policy impact of judicial ruling and legislative policy
  • Frame legal issues for specific legal dilemmas
  • Weigh and evaluate legal arguments, legal remedies in a particular dilemma
  • Conduct legal research on diverse topical coverage in law
  • Argue and advocate legal arguments
  • Draft and author a legal scholarship in form of paper, brief, memoranda and thesis
  • Creatively construct legal remedies to situations of first instance
  • Correlate the interplay between ethical and moral principles and the rule of law
  • Interpret, adjudge and apply the United States Constitution and its relevant Amendments
  • Define and categorize legal and human rights in varied settings
  • Incorporate legal method and reasoning into complex legal issues
  • Compare and contrast legal systems in national and global contexts
  • Assess legal questions and issues in particular settings whether it be the environment, correctional facilities, police stations, government and administrative agencies, business or other location.
  • Evaluate and critique the law of crimes and the concept of criminal responsibility
  • Distinguish and differentiate civil, equitable and criminal subsystems.
  • Categorize legal actions, litigation tactics and strategies and identify specific legal practice applicable in fact situations.
  • Appraise the interrelationship and effects between culture, social order and the rule of law.
  • Describe community's power to arrest, incarcerate and punish in the correctional setting.
  • Discover career tracks and opportunities related to law and it practice.
  • Identify and predict how law and legislation influences the community.
  • Problem solve in legal settings.

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"Working full-time shouldn't put a halt on your education.  Cal U has made it possible for me to continue my career and my education."

Raeann N. Basinger, General Manager, M1 Auto

"My course work with Cal U has propelled me beyond expectation in more ways than I could have ever imagined."

Joyce Salizzoni, Banking Advisor, PNC Bank