Superintendent Letter of Eligibility (SLE) Program: Curriculum

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Superintendent Letter of Eligibility (SLE) Program: CurriculumSuperintendent Letter of Eligibility (SLE) Program: Curriculum

Superintendent Letter of Eligibility (SLE) Program: Curriculum

The knowledge base for leadership training emphasizes the types of problems faced by the chief school administrator and the preventative measures and diagnostic techniques necessary to resolve these problems. Our courses are still tied to academic disciplines, but there is increased emphasis on the educational effects of research and the practical theory.

The course content is problem-based and directly applies descriptive learning. An emphasis in content is placed on enabling leaders to learn, comprehend and apply the skills necessary to improve the school's central office administrative functions.

Our SLE online program has core requirements related to field experiences that reflect actions of practitioners in school settings. Classes are offered by practitioners who are not governed solely by a textbook approach but who provide experiential and relevant learning for the student. Attention is placed on the practicum field experience, which allows learning to be collaborated and analyzed through an exchange of learning experiences via University, public school personnel and experts in administrative leadership.

Managers from business and industry are utilized in order to provide a varied yet similar repertoire of leadership skills used in other management functions. Clinical training strategies are delivered through field experiences directly related to each course. These focus on problem solving and applications conducted in field settings.

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18-27 credits depending on previously completed coursework. Program may be completed in 12 months of part-time study.


Completion of an approved certification program is a requirement for certification in Pennsylvania. In the certification process, the University informs the state that a student has completed the University's state-approved program. The state then reviews the student's credentials and determines eligibility for certification. We encourage all students to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education before beginning Cal U's program for further information about certification requirements in Pennsylvania.

At the present time, we cannot confirm whether this program meets the requirements for certification in states other than Pennsylvania. Interested students may contact the Department of Education in their state to inquire about their requirements. A listing of state Departments of Education can be found on the U.S. Department of Education website.

Additional information related to Pennsylvania certification can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Education website:

Below is a recommended framework of courses for completing the degree.

Course Sequence18-27

SLE 701Administration Theory, Organization and Operation (PIL approved)3
SLE 704Technology and Facilities Development (PIL approved)3
SLE 705Curriculum/Instruction and Leadership/Supervision (PIL approved)3
SLE 707Strategic Planning/Policy Analysis/Board Relations (PIL approved)3
SLE 708Internship (PIL approved)6

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