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Conducting a Course Schedule Search

You may conduct your own “Course Schedule” search from the Quick Links drop down menu located on the  CAL U Homepage.  Click on the link to access the “Course Schedule Search.” You will need to select a term and hit submit.  Once the next page loads you will need to fill out the fields appropriately to population the information you are requesting. This feature is designed to only populate the information for one subject at a time, so you must choose a subject in order for the search to populate. Make sure ALL is selected for the following fields; “Schedule Type”, “Course Level”, “Session”, and “Attribute Type”. Then hit “Class Search”.  Once the information is populated you will be able to see  all of the courses which are available for that term under the specific subject you choose.  Keep in mind you will want to look for WEB INSTRUCTIONAL METHOD courses to fulfill your necessary needs as these courses will be delivered in an online format.  Courses listed as Traditional Instruction Method are our University campus based courses.

You are encouraged to register for your courses as soon as possible following the opening of registration, as online general education and elective courses tend to fill up quickly.