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Text Book Ordering Instructions

During the course of the program, you will be required to purchase text books for some courses. Other courses do not require text book purchases and some courses share certain text books. The upcoming term’s text book information will be available close to the start of the term, you may periodically follow the instructions below to see if the book requirements are available.  Typically, the  text book requirements are made available closer to the term.

In order to find the text requirements for your courses, you must search for your course on our course schedule.  From the homepage www.calu.edu click on the quicklinks drop-down menu and select Course Schedule. Under search by term use the drop down menu to select the appropriate term and hit submit.  From this page, simply select the subject code for the courses you are taking that term.  Do not change the other criteria on the page but scroll down and hit submit.  Once on this page you need to search for the “G0” section of your course(s).  (example: Perf Enhance Phys Act - 40213 - PRF 710 - G0).  Once you find your section on the list of courses, you should see a blue link title Look Up Book Cost.  Once you click on the link, it will show you the text requirements for that course.