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Program Philosophy

Cal U's Administrative Program for Principals (ADP) is the ideal program for working professionals who want to make a difference in education. The ADP program is a practice-centered, performance-based program that is designed to provide a personalized approach in meeting the needs of students, whether they are seeking a principal's certificate or a master's degree in education, or simply wish to continue to enhance their teaching and leadership skills.

Cal U's Administrative Program for Principals is built around a core of standards, known as the Educational Leadership Constituent Council, which influence program content, instruction and assessment. These standards for the preparation and development of future school principals have been developed jointly by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the ISLLC.

A Non-traditional Approach to Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Unlike the traditional, course-oriented program, the program incorporates school/University partnerships, clinical activities and field work. The program offers alternative forms of instruction, course structures, class schedules and assessment. It is learner-centered and appeals to learners at different developmental stages. Students are provided with specific information about their strengths, improvement needs and strategies for building the skills they need to be effective educational leaders.

A competency-based program calls for a more flexible approach to reporting achievement. The program relies on on-going performance assessment rather than on traditional testing and the assigning of letter grades for evaluation of student performance. Students are graded on a pass/fail system, with a pass grade (P) indicating that the student has mastered each competency in a particular subject area.

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