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Athletic Training: Admissions

Admission into the athletic training education program (ATEP) is competitive and only a limited number of students are selected each year.

In the second semester of your freshman year, you must submit an application form to the program director, who, with the other ATEP faculty, screens the applications, conducts interviews and admits students to the professional phase of the ATEP.

Candidates must have a 3.00 GPA in athletic training courses, a minimum of three documented observations, a successful interview, complete an entrance exam and the ability to comply with the program's technical standards, with or without reasonable accommodation.*

For additional details on admission requirements and/or a copy of the program's technical standards, contact Dr. Shelly Fetchen DiCesaro, Interim Program Director at 724-938-4562 or


Since a limited number of students will be accepted into the professional phase of the athletic training education program, you must meet certain criteria before an application can be made during the first year. You must have completed and passed the following courses with a "B-" or better in order to be eligible for admission:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4 crs.)
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4 crs.)
  • Current Health Issues (3 crs.)
  • Introduction to Athletic Training (3 crs.)
  • General Psychology (3 crs.)

 Selection into the professional phase of the athletic training education program at the conclusion of the first year will be based on the following:

  • An overall QPA of 2.75 or higher.
  • GPA of 3.00 and grades no lower than "B-" from the 17 credits above.
  • A completed application, which consists of the following: application form, two letters of recommendation and a letter stating your interest in becoming an athletic trainer and your long-range professional goals.
  • Completion of the pre-professional observation assignments. These observations take place on campus and consist of a specified number of hours at practices and games with California's varsity athletic teams.
  • A personal interview with the Athletic Training Program selection committee .
  • Entrance exam score.

 Points are assigned for the four criteria listed above. Pre-professional students are ranked according to their total points awarded for GPA, letters of recommendation, quality of application and the interview.

 Note: Students deficient in the GPA requirement following completion of the required 17 academic credits are permitted to repeat courses and reapply for admission. Only the first year courses listed above will be counted for the required 3.00 GPA. In addition, students repeating their first year in the program must again complete the pre-professional observation assignment.

 Additionally, candidates for admission must meet the following criteria:

  •  Ability to meet the written technical standards of the program with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Physical examination with documented vaccination records including hepatitis B.

Once you are admitted into the program, you must complete the remaining academic requirements as well as maintain a 3.00 GPA in athletic training and related coursework on a semester-by-semester basis. A 2.50 overall GPA is required in order to graduate.

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