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Biology: MinorBiology: Minor

Biology: Minor

Minor in Biology: 21 Credits

The minor in biology at Cal U offers students an opportunity to select from a variety of courses to build a customized program of study. This minor often complements degrees offered by the Chemistry and Earth Sciences departments. Other students who have pursued this option have a genuine interest in biology but do not wish to pursue a second bachelor's degree.

If you are taking biology as a minor, you are required to complete 21 credits: 12 required credits as well as a minimum of nine elective credits, selected in consultation with your adviser.

Below is a recommended framework of courses for earning the minor in biology.

Required Courses (12 credits): BIO 120, BIO 125, BIO 215

Elective Courses  (9 credits minimum): 

A minimum of 9 credits of BIO or ENS  electives selected in consultation with an adviser that are 300/400-level.