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Undergraduate Program: ChemistryUndergraduate Program: Chemistry

Undergraduate Program: Chemistry

Chemistry is a central discipline in understanding the building blocks of life and nature. As a student at Cal U majoring in chemistry, you will learn the fundamental components of atoms and how they bond together to create materials that make up everyday life. Our program provides you with a strong foundation to prepare you for employment in the private and public sector as well as for advanced professional or graduate study.

Since 2012, Cal U's chemistry program has been accredited by the American Chemical Society.

You can also minor in chemistry or obtain a nanofabrication manufacturing technology concentration . In addition, students interested in secondary school teaching may select B.S. Ed. certification programs in chemistry.

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High Tech Lab

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art materials, supplies and instruments. You'll have an opportunity to do nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, high performance liquid chromatography, column gas chromatography and electro-analytical chemistry. Our computer-driven instruments include a UV/visible spectrophotometer, a capillary gas chromatograph and a Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer. A multidisciplinary nanoscience research area includes an atomic force microscope, spectroscopy and a visible/UV-fluorescence tissue-grade optical microscope with computerized image analysis.

A Cal U Chemistry student poses for a picture in a lab.

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"Cal U helped me obtain an internship that provided me with several opportunities. I met several interesting people, made several industry contacts and truly learned how the hustle and bustle of the real world, work environment and government works."

- Brad Rager, Chemical Education Developer Intern, Chemical Educational Foundation, Arlington, Va.