Communication Studies: Minor

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Communication Studies: Minor

Required Core Courses (6 credits):

Please select two of the following:*

                           Course                    Credits

COM 100 Perspectives on Communication OR

COM 106 Introduction to Mass Communication                         

3 crs.

COM 446 Mass Media and Society OR

COM 490 Communication Theory

3 crs.

 Communication Studies Electives (12 credits)**

*Students must take at least one of these core courses at the lower (100) level and one at the upper (400) level.

** To be eligible, a course must have the COM designator in the University's catalog of courses.  At least half of your minor must consist of courses at the 300-400 level.  Students may use up to 6 credits of COM 459: Communication Studies Internship toward their 12 credits of COM electives.  Finally, please pay attention to course prerequisites.