Minor in Computer Information Systems

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Minor in Computer Information SystemsMinor in Computer Information Systems

Minor in Computer Information Systems

Our minor in computer information systems curriculum offers you a strong blend of theoretical and practical concepts in business and computing topics. You will have the technical knowledge to be able to integrate information technology solutions and business processes to meet the information needs of any organization. You'll learn how to determine the requirements, analysis, design, and implementation for an organization's information systems. For instance, you'll be able to provide a web-based sales order entry system, define ways to store information in a database and develop decision support systems for executive decision-making.

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Below is a recommended 22-credit framework of courses for earning the minor.

Approved UCC 5.2006

Required Courses (19 credits): CIS 110, 120, 220, 330, 321, 341
Electives (3 credits): Select any one of the following: CIS 299, 302, 419 or MAT 195