Brochure, Information and Distribution Sheets, Syllabi

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Brochure, Information and Distribution Sheets, Syllabi

The Computer Information System program provides a breakdown of the curriculum for courses in General Education, Required CIS and Related CIS Electives through the CIS Information Sheet and the CIS Distribution Sheet.  In addition to understanding course content beyond the description provided in the university course catalog, the following provides the syllabus for each course in CIS.  


CIS110 - Introduction to Information Systems

CIS120 - Application Programming I

CIS220 - Application Programming II

CIS299 - Systems Analysis I 

CIS302 - Visual Programming


CIS321 - Database Mgt Systems and Design

CIS322 - Database Application Development

CIS325 - Decision Support Systems

CIS330 - Web Programming I 

CIS332 - Web Programming II

CIS341 - Cisco CCNA I

CIS342 - Cisco CCNA II 

CIS343 - Cisco CCNA III 

CIS344 - Cisco CCNA IV

CIS352 - Ethical Issues In Computing

CIS354 - Systems Project Management 

CIS401 - Concepts in ERP

CIS419 - Internship 

CIS474 - Special Topics Information Systems

CIS490 - Systems Analysis II 

CIS492 - Systems Development and Implementation