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Bachelor of Science in Earth ScienceBachelor of Science in Earth Science

Bachelor of Science in Earth Science

The Department of Earth Science is committed to the practical advancement of knowledge; to serving the local, national and world community; and to the education of earth scientists. Our goal is to produce a well-rounded, well-trained individual who is ready for a professional career or graduate school.

As a student studying earth science, you'll have opportunities to work with modern technologies, software, databases and field methods. In addition to the traditional courses, we also offer field courses designed to give practical experiences.

Research Centers and Instructional Facilities

We house several research and instructional facilities with some of the most state-of-the-art equipment available. Students and faculty use these facilities as centers of research and instruction to complete coursework and service-learning projects.


The earth science major has two concentrations: environmental earth science and meteorology.  In partnership with the College of Education and Human Services, we also provide teacher certification programs for those interested in teaching earth science in secondary schools.

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