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Engineering Technology Club

Engineering Technology Club

The Engineering Technology Club welcomes students from the electrical engineering technology, computer engineering technology or other programs and is registered as an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) student club.

The club usually organizes one industrial tour each year. The club also participates in Cal U Discovery Days and the Applied Engineering and Technology Spring Technology Conference by conducting experiments and giving demonstrations. At the annual conference, the students conducted biomedical experiments with EKG amplifiers and digital signal processing equipment.


Electrical Engineering Technology's labs are located in Helsel Hall (HSL) and the Eberly Science and Technology Center (EBE).

HSL201 “large format” Lab – features 17 2-student workstations each with a networked PC, a networked laser printer, and a collection of secure cabinets containing power supplies, digital multi-meters, oscilloscopes, National Instruments ELVIS trainers, instructor’s station with document camera and dual, overhead projection systems. Depending on the specific lab activity, appropriate cabinets are opened giving students access to required equipment, components, and hand tools.

EBE301 Student Computing Lab - with 20 PCs, dedicated for computer science but also used by EET and CET students.

EBE351 – contains 12 2-student workstations with 12 campus-connected PCs. This lab is also the home to the CET440 Computer Networking course which incorporates a Unix server and live weather station for use in the client-server term project.

EBE 361 Digital/Embedded Systems Lab – includes 12 2-student workstations with 12 networked computers, oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies and microprocessor evaluation/development boards. Each workstation features an 18 channel mixed signal oscilloscope for advanced microcontroller system troubleshooting. The lab is also equipped with C cross compilers for embedded microcontroller software development. A laser printer is available for printing lab reports and assignments.

EBE371 Analog Lab – includes 12 2-student workstations, each with a networked PC, a Tektronix function generator, a Tektronix (TDS) digital phosphorous oscilloscope, a Wavetek digital multimeter and a Tenma triple output power supply. Also available are four electric power workstations, each with a DC motor, DC generator, single-phase and three-phase AC motors and alternators, transformers and dynamometers. A laser printer is available for printing lab reports and assignments.

EBE260 Senior Projects Lab – dedicated to housing CET/EET senior projects during development.

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