Environmental Science Bachelors Degree Programs Pennsylvania

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A female student smiles at the camera.A female student smiles at the camera.

Environmental Science Bachelors Degree Programs Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies: Environmental Science: 120 credits

The environmental science concentration in the environmental studies program at Cal U offers a curriculum designed to prepare students to work for state and federal agencies in such positions as water pollution biologist or wetland ecologist. Graduates of this program will have a broad background in chemistry, environmental pollution (including air, water and waste) and environmental policy.

Below is a recommended framework of courses for completing the degree following the environmental science concentration in four years.

First Semester – 15 Credits
BIO 120 General Zoology4 crs.
CHE 101 General Chemistry I4 crs.
ENG 101 English Composition I                                                             3 crs.
UNI 100 First-Year Seminar1 cr.
General Education Course3 crs.

Second Semester – 14-15 credits
BIO 125 General Botany4 crs.
CHE 102 General Chemistry II4 crs.
ENG 102 English Composition II3 crs.
EAS 100 Introduction to Earth Science OR
EAS 150 Introduction to Geology                                                          
3-4 crs.

Third Semester – 14 credits
BIO 215 Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology                                                    4 crs.
MAT 273 Applied Calculus OR MAT 281 Calculus I3 crs.
PHY 121 General Physics I4 crs.
General Education EMA3 crs.

Fourth Semester – 17 credits
BIO 248 General Ecology4 crs.
MAT 215 Statistics3 crs.
CHE 331 Organic Chemistry I                                                               4 crs.
COM 101 Oral Communication3 crs.
General Education Course
3 crs.

Fifth Semester – 13 credits
ENS 435 Law Planning and Policy3 crs.
ENS 495 Design and Analysis3 crs.
GIS 311 Geographic Information Systems                                                  3 crs.
Unrestricted Elective4 crs.

Sixth Semester – 15 credits
BIO 488 Water Pollution Biology4 crs.
CHE 381 Environmental Chemistry                                                          4 crs.
EAS 303 Hydrology3 crs.
Unrestricted Elective4 crs.

Seventh Semester – 15 credits
ENS 475 Wetlands Ecology                                                                   4 crs.
BIO/ENS XXX Biology-related Course4 crs.
Unrestricted Elective4 crs.
General Education Course3 crs.

Eighth Semester – 16 credits
ENS 440 Environmental Pollution Control                                                 4 crs.
BIO/ENS XXX Biology-related Course3 crs.
Unrestricted Elective6 crs.
General Education Course
3 crs.

Note: A minimum of 3 General Education credits must be at or above the 300 level for graduation.