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Environmental Studies: Faculty

Our faculty members are renowned throughout the University for their dedication to the students. Their combined expertise and commitment have impacted the careers of their graduates. Click on each of our faculty member's profiles below to learn more about their experience, expertise, professional service and contact information.


  • Photo of Dr. David G. Argent

    Dr. David G. Argent


    Dr. Argent was born in England and emigrated to Pittsburgh with his family in the late 1970s. He More

  • Photo of Dr. Summer Arrigo-Nelson

    Dr. Summer Arrigo-Nelson

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Arrigo-Nelson’s training focused on the behavior and ecology of non-human primates, More

  • Photo of Dr. Carol Bocetti

    Dr. Carol Bocetti


    Worked for 10 years at USDI Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, 1994-2004 More

  • Photo of Dr. David Boehm

    Dr. David Boehm


    Dr. Boehm and his students study how bacteria, like Escherichia coli, cause disease by More

  • Photo of Dr. Paula Caffrey

    Dr. Paula Caffrey

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Caffrey's Ph.D. project involved studying trace elements in aquatic animals (daphnia). More

  • Photo of Dr. Derek Gray

    Dr. Derek Gray

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Gray grew up in Canada and received his undergraduate and graduate education there. While More

  • Photo of Dr. Chadwick Hanna

    Dr. Chadwick Hanna


    Dr. Hanna was born and raised in Wisconsin before moving to Tennessee, where he earned his B.S. More

  • Photo of Dr. Sarah Meiss

    Dr. Sarah Meiss

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Meiss grew up in Harrisburg, Pa., and went to college at nearby Bloomsburg University. More

  • Photo of Dr. Louise Nicholson

    Dr. Louise Nicholson

    Associate Professor

    After completing her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the United Kingdom, Dr.  More

  • Photo of Brian Paulson

    Brian Paulson


    Dr. Paulson was born and raised in the upper Midwest. He came to Cal U in 1989. His areas  More

  • Photo of Dr. Mark Tebbitt

    Dr. Mark Tebbitt


    Dr. Tebbitt's research interests focus on plant systematics, which involves the naming, More

  • Photo of Dr. Robert S. Whyte

    Dr. Robert S. Whyte


    Dr. Whyte is a specialist in the field of plant ecology and studies invasive plants, More

  • Photo of Dr. Ed Zuchelkowski

    Dr. Ed Zuchelkowski


    Dr. Zuchelkowski completed his Ph.D. work at West Virginia University, where his doctoral More