A Message from Dr. Toras

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A Message from Dr. Toras

Dear Student in Jurisprudence,

As Chair of our programs in Professional Studies, it is my distinct honor to welcome your participation in this intellectual undertaking- the Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence. You are considering one of this university’s most demanding programs. You are part of a community of scholars - all of whom yearn for further knowledge about law in a philosophical and metaphysical sense.  In essence you will delve into the most profound questions relating to idea of law, including:

  • What is a Law?
  • Is There a Connection between Law and Morality?
  • What is Justice?
  • What is Right?
  • Can a Law Be Ethical or Unethical?
  • Are Law and Religion Compatible?
  • Is Obedience to the Law Dependent on Personal Character and Integrity?
  • When is it Proper to Disobey Law?
  • What are the Schools of Jurisprudence?
  • Who are the Chief Thinkers in Western Jurisprudence?

The Bachelor of Jurisprudence will develop your intellect, your character and your capacity to think critically about weighty and difficult questions present in the modern world. It will open doors to Master’s and PhD programs as well as Law School as well as a host of career options that need and demand high levels of literacy and critical thinking. Most importantly, the program advocates and inculcates the ambitions of true legal reasoning and its practice - to prepare leaders for free and democratic societies and to insure justice whenever and wherever possible.

As Chair of the program, and your advisor, I can be reached at toras@calu.edu or 724-938-4710.
Your journey with us will be as stimulating as it is noble. California University of Pennsylvania is honored to have your participation.

With warmest regards,

Dr. Christina A. Toras, JD, MA
Phone 724-938-4710
email toras@calu.edu

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