Special Qualifications for BA in Jurisprudence Admission

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    Special Qualifications for BA in Jurisprudence: Jurisprudence Concentration AdmissionSpecial Qualifications for BA in Jurisprudence: Jurisprudence Concentration Admission

    Special Qualifications for BA in Jurisprudence Admission

    Students will have to be in the upper tier of their graduating senior classes in order to qualify and be successful in this type of program.  Program will require that applicant be in the top 25% of their class. In addition, applicants will have to demonstrate strong skill levels in written exposition by either a satisfactory SAT writing exam (500 or higher) or passage of a departmentally administered exam.  Students will also be required to provide references on their capacity to deal with complex subject matter.  One reference will deal with the intellectual capacity of the applicant; the second will cover the character of the applicant, and the final reference will outline the applicant's writing ability and overall communication skills.  Standards relating to references, SAT Verbal Scores and the Writing Test are unique to the department and are not meant to replace or supplant standards for basic admission to the university.

    Students will experience the full range of support and advisement services regularly delivered by the staff and faculty of CAL U including the tutorial services of the university.  Given the extraordinary demands of the academic program, there will be no remedial courses relative to writing.  The Chair of the department and its full time faculty will be expected to provide one to one counseling and mentoring to the department's majors.  Students will be assigned a designated faculty mentor and advisor.  In addition, the department will conduct regular and periodic information sessions, relating to academic performance and expectations, careers and higher education, external opportunities, international travel and specialized research for high level scholarship, as well as unique independent and foreign study regimens.  The Office of Academic Success will be a regular referral source for the majors.

    Continuous academic performance will be monitored.  Expectations for continuing matriculation are:

    1. 3.0 overall GPA
    2. "C" or Higher in All Major Courses
    3. Successful Completion of a Senior Thesis

    Transfer, non-traditional and part-time students are subject to these express standards.

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