Pre-Law Bachelors Degree Programs Pennsylvania | Majors

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A woman reads while sitting on stairs.A woman reads while sitting on stairs.

Pre-Law Bachelors Degree Programs Pennsylvania | Majors

The pre-law concentration is for students interested in attending law school after completing a B.A. in political science. The program focuses on developing critical thinking skills and rational argumentation, as well as analytical reading and writing skills.

Get a description of each of Cal U's political science courses from our Course Catalog.

Below is a recommended framework of courses for completing the degree in four years.  

Political Science and Pre-Law Concentration

Required Major Courses12

POS 100Intro. To Political Sci.3
POS 105American Politics3
POS 301Research Methods POS3
POS 450Seminar in Politics3

Required Related Courses30

POS 316 OR POS 335Judicial Policy OR Administrative Law3
HIS 435 OR HIS 322History of Law OR History of Religious Persecution3
POS 327 OR POS 330Contemp. Political Thought OR American Political Ideas3
PHI 115 OR PHI 211Logic & Language OR Formal Logic3
COM 230 OR COM 350Argumentation & Debate OR Persuasion3

Political Science Elective (Pick one from each list)12

POS 314, POS 315, HIS 308US Constitution3
POS 327, POS 330, POS 347, POS 348Political Theory3
POS 307, POS 312, POS 320, POS 346International Politics3
POS 300, POS 306, POS 310, POS 318U.S. Government3