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Lab Facilities for Technology EducationLab Facilities for Technology Education

Lab Facilities for Technology Education

Technology education labs are located in Coover Hall,  Helsel Hall and the Eberly Science and Technology Center (EST). The main labs include:

Manufacturing / Fabrication Technology Lab

This is a multi-purpose manufacturing/fabrication lab that includes a material processing area (sheet metal, hot metals, welding, laser engraver, 2D/3D mill and plasma cutter), 3D prototyping, a plastics processing room, a resource room, networked computers and a finishing room with spray booth. It also includes computer numerical control routers and two computer numerical control lathes.

Information Lab

An information/digital communication learning environment that houses networked computers to design, develop, produce, use and evaluate. More specifically, students investigate and develop skills in CADD, graphic design, modeling, digital audio production, digital video production, graphic production and the development of websites and e-portfolios.

Energy Control Systems Lab

A learning environment that develops STEM by integrating DC, AC, digital electronics, programming and microcontrollers with sensor systems and agile robotics. This lab is equipped with digital instrumentations, meters, breadboard prototyping and robotic fabrication kits. 

Research and Development and Design Lab

This lab contains three areas: research and design, modeling and testing, and prototyping and development. Research and design includes an instructional area, Windows NT© networked PCs, printers, design tables and a reference room. Modeling and testing has a variety of testing and modeling equipment, along with a variety of hand tools and modeling materials. Prototyping and development contains material processing equipment.

Elementary School Technology Lab

This lab is equipped with a comprehensive assortment of elementary-compatible manipulative technology learning systems from KiNEX©, Legos© and Community Playthings©. Also included are networked computers, interactive software packages, animation software, programmable musical keyboards, global positioning (GPS) systems and electronic motion measuring systems.

Bio-Technology Lab

This is a multi-purpose lab for technology education that includes networked PCs with a variety of software, modeling and development facilities, modules for Designs in Bio-Related Technology classes, and areas for developing working stations in bio-related technology.

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