The Future of Drones

 Start a game-changing career working with dynamic drone technology. From a military innovation, to an exciting hobby, to a technology that’s transforming commercial industries, the use of drones has rapidly changed over the past years — and future opportunities in the field are limitless

 Also known as unmanned aircrafts, drones are already breaking barriers in the way companies do business. Huge corporations like Amazon and Google are testing ways to deliver packages with drones. Facebook is using drones to provide Internet connections in remote locations. And there’s even a start-up that’s using unmanned aircraft to deliver tacos to your door.

 In short, the drone industry is booming. You can take part in this dynamic growth by earning a drone technology degree from California University of Pennsylvania.

One of the first drone degree programs in the United States since the FAA release of Part 107, Cal U’s associate of science degree in unmanned aircraft systems/drone technology will give you comprehensive training in aviation principles and drone avionics. It will also prepare you for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Certification —an essential credential if you want a competitive career edge.

How Drone Technology Is Changing Industries

 Drones are becoming commonplace in both the commercial and non-profits sectors. In the near future their use will be even more widespread.

 Here are some of the many ways unmanned aircraft can revolutionize how we get things done. It’s easy to see why drone degree programs, like Cal U’s two-year associate’s degree are more relevant than ever.

  • Agriculture: The Environmental Protection Agency already utilizes drones technology to manage livestock and survey crops. In the future farmers and ranchers could use unmanned aircraft to strategically monitor and spray their crops.
  • Conservation: Unmanned aircraft are being used to monitor endangered species and map the changes in various ecosystems around the globe. As drone technology advances, the use and impact of unmanned aircraft in conservation efforts will expand.
  • Delivery/fulfillment: Anything the postman can carry can also be delivered by drone. Food, prescriptions, that last-minute birthday gift for your dad—in the near future, there will be big changes in the way packages arrive to our doors.
  • Disaster mitigation and relief: Drones can go places that humans can’t access, so they are an ideal solution for dangerous search and rescue efforts, as well as for delivering emergency supplies to remote locations and disaster areas.
  • Logistics: Heavy-duty drones can replace trucks for inventory management and moving goods between warehouses. This is likely to decrease the number of semis you see on the road.
  • Filmmaking and photography: Low-budget filmmakers are already using drones to capture the aerial shots and Hollywood will soon be hiring full crews of drone Unmanned aircraft are also gaining ground with photojournalists who want to capture breaking news from above.
  • ISPs: Big tech companies like Facebook and Google are experimenting with solar powered drone technology to beam Internet to remote locals. This could transform connectivity as we know it.
  • Law enforcement: In Seattle and Miami, police forces have already applied for permits to use drones, and we’ll likely begin to see unmanned aircraft supplementing police presence at large public events.
  • Real Estate: Real Estate listings are poised to change completely with high-definition videos capture by drones that fly through neighborhoods, and into every room in a listed house.


Why Earn a Drone Degree at Cal U?

At California University of Pennsylvania, we’re committed to developing the skills you need for the careers of the future.

Associate degree students in our unmanned aircraft systems/drone technology program will gain in-depth knowledge and experience with the latest drone technology, and the current trends in the industry. A drone degree from Cal U can also be a great jumpstart for earning a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology .

Cal U’s drone technology degree will give you:

  • Applicable, in-demand skills in how to design, construct and deploy commercial-grade civilian drones.
  • Hands-on fieldwork with unmanned aircraft.
  • Unmanned aircraft operator certification preparation.
  • An accelerated schedule so you can earn your degree in 15 months.


Are you ready to take on an active role in the future of drones? Apply to our drone degree program now! 

The Future of Drones

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The Future of Drones

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The Future of Drones

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