Commercial Music Technology Software - Avid Pro Tools Certification

Commercial Music Technology Software - Avid Pro Tools Certification

avid pro tools certification

California University of Pennsylvania’s commercial music technology degree is designed to give students hands-on experience and certifications in the latest music production software. Avid Pro Tools is the industry leader in music production software, recognized worldwide in the fields of music and broadcast, as well as television, film and general entertainment post-production.

 Cal U is the only public university in Pennsylvania that preps and tests students for Avid Pro Tools certification, which gives our degree-seekers an employment advantage both regionally and nationally. As a proud Avid Learning Partner, our Cal U students who are interested in music technology, music production, and mixed-media creation can earn a non-expiring national certification that gives them not only real-world experience, but also a valuable addition to their professional portfolios.

Cal U alumni working in entertainment and music production regularly report back to the program that their certification in Avid Pro Tools is one of the top benefits they received while earning their bachelor’s degrees. They overwhelmingly report that they believe the certification and training was a major advantage in finding gainful, fulfilling employment.

Cal U students who major in commercial music technology are prepared for their Avid Pro Tools certification test in the following ways:

  • 240 required hours of hands-on audio post-production, live sound reinforcement, and digital video production.
  • Access to our music technology lab of 20 large-screen iMacs, all loaded with the latest in Avid Pro Tools and other music production software.
  • Collaborative music production projects and internships that require students to use Avid Pro Tools in real-world scenarios as they work toward their degree.
  • Nationally recognized and certified faculty who are trained to teach Avid Pro Tools, and who have experience using the software as music industry professionals.
  • Avid Pro Tools certification test preparation, review and oversight by instructors of the commercial music technology program.

The national certification in Avid Pro Tools is just one of many reasons why a music production degree at California University may make sense for you. Cal U is dedicated to giving our music tech students every advantage when it comes to finding exciting jobs in the career field of their choice. Our commercial music technology bachelor’s degree curriculum is designed to highlight music, music technology and entrepreneurship with a balanced approach that mixes theory with real-world practice. And while some degree seekers may prefer to focus on vocal music or instrumentals more than music production, training and certification in Avid Pro Tools music production software has real value: our Cal U musicians and audio professionals can create studio-quality EPs at Cal U’s music technology lab or elsewhere.

What can experience and certification in Avid Pro Tools add to the portfolio of a music production professional? What can you do with a music technology degree? 

Cal U alumni who received a bachelor’s degree in commercial music technology have gone on to actively use their Avid Pro Tools certification in the following workplaces, among many others:

  • Walt Disney World.
  • The Carnegie Museum.
  • Joe West Music in Nashville.
  • Dickson College.
  • Miner Street Recording Co.


The commercial music technology program at California University of Pennsylvania is proud to give its music production majors the real-world skills and certifications necessary to find rewarding careers in a highly competitive marketplace. The hours of hands-on learning, internships and real-time music production experience leading to Avid Pro Tools certification helps to create the kind of music professional employers look for. The commercial music technology program at Cal U also helps students make industry connections that allow graduates to thrive in exciting careers and see a return on their investment in higher education.

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