What is a Commercial Music Technology Degree

What is a Commercial Music Technology Degree

what is a commercial music technology degree?

Students who are passionate about music or music technology often contact PennWest California to ask questions such as: “What does a music producer do? What is music production? Is there a music producer degree? What is a music technology degree, and are there really jobs in that field?”

For starters, a music technology degree program often blends a classical musical education with training in the latest music technology, so that students have knowledge of the rich musical history that came before them while also having the tools and skills needed to navigate the modern workplace.

At PennWest California, we offer a four-year, 120-credit commercial music technology bachelor’s degree that melds music history, music theory, ensemble performance and applied music production. Degree-holders leaving PennWest California boast a diverse set of skills that is bolstered by internships, real-world opportunities, national certifications, and experience in a state-of-the-art music technology lab created to make studio-quality products. 

There are many exciting career opportunities in the music field , especially for a degree holder from a nationally recognized music technology program. Our music production program at PennWest California is designed with the long-term success of our graduates in mind. A wide array of fulfilling career opportunities is available to students who are not only talented and creative, but who also have experience, a solid work ethic, and knowledge of the latest techniques. The bachelor’s degree in music technology is focused on ensuring our students have the tools to properly pursue their passion. 

PennWest California program graduates work in some of the country’s hottest music destinations, from Nashville to New York City and beyond. Recent graduates with bachelor’s degrees from PennWest California’s music production program have gone to work at places such as:

  • Walt Disney World.
  • The Carnegie Museums.
  • Joe West Studios.
  • Dickson College.
  • Miner Street Recording Co.

What is music production?

Music production is the process of delivering music from a singer’s voice or a violinist’s bow to the ears of music fans. In short, it is the creation of a recorded and polished musical project. This can include a lot of steps, from the singer who croons the song, to the audio technicians who record, edit and enhance the product during post-production, to the music manager, the studio owner, and all of the creative specialists who work behind the scenes to deliver or ensure the quality of the final packaged product. A lot of creative decisions most listeners never think about go into a finished work. Good music often takes a team. At PennWest California, we’re proud that our alumni with bachelor’s degrees in commercial music technology have gone on to succeed in all of those roles in music production, and many more. Our commercial music tech degree at PennWest California is designed to enhance every student’s individual strengths while providing the practical skills that can broaden their horizons while keeping them competitive in the job market.

What does a music producer do?

A music producer often has many roles, and one music producer’s responsibilities might be very different from another’s. In general, a music producer oversees and manages the recording and production of a musical project. This often involves important creative decisions, such as what songs would be best on an album, how those songs are edited or mastered or mixed, what changes to the song’s arrangement or presentation might create the most successful product, and other creative decisions. Some music producers write, while others compose. Executive producers are usually more involved in the money side of the business. But in general, a music producer is to a musical recording what a film director is to a movie.

PennWest California’s music technology degree program is designed to give our graduates the skills they need to better understand all the facets of the musical craft. Many PennWest California alumni started as singers or soundboard operators but are now proud studio owners and music producers. And even though a commercial music tech graduate might not step into the producer’s role at a major label overnight, at PennWest California he or she can step into our studio-quality lab and produce top-caliber music.

Program Benefits

There are many reasons why PennWest California has one of the premier commercial music technology programs in the region for students seeking a bachelor’s degree in music technology or music production. Here are a few highlights:

  • Our degree program is tight-knit and friendly, with no more than 20 commercial music technology students admitted each fall.
  • Classes are small as a result. Degree-seekers receive a lot of individual attention, including scheduled personal advisement by program faculty.
  • Along with private training in either vocal or instrumental ensembles, PennWest California boasts 11 on-campus ensemble groups for musicians who like to perform.
  • PennWest California has a state-of-the-art music production lab with studio-quality equipment and 20 large-screen iMacs loaded with Avid Pro Tools, GarageBand, Logic and other industry software bundles.
  • Students receive hands-on, real-world experience. All commercial music technology students are required to complete a minimum of 240 hours in practicums and internships, and many students graduate with impressive portfolios.
  • Commercial music technology students at PennWest California receive national certification in Avid Pro Tools ,the industry standard in music production software.
  • PennWest California boasts an exceptional placement rate among degree holders. Our most recent survey let us know that out of our last 50 commercial music technology graduates, 48 were either working in music-related fields or were in graduate school to continue their music technology education.

A music technology degree from PennWest California opens the door to an exciting, more fulfilling future. Apply now!   

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