Be Job-Ready: Get Hands-on Computer Science Experience at PennWest California

From your first class at PennWest California in our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree, you’ll start building your computing skills – and your career advantage. Our high-quality bachelor's degree in computer science program focuses on producing graduates who will:

  • Be successful professionals in industry and graduate school.
  • Be lifelong learners and keep current in their professional field.
  • Perform ethically and professionally in industry and society.

PennWest California computer science students gain hands-on experience through internships or co-ops in companies such as U.S. Steel, FedEx, PTC, Mellon Bank and other firms. For example, one of our students developed an internal transaction system for PTC during a summer internship.

On campus, students also develop systems to solve real-life problems during their capstone project course. An early version of an online virtual campus tour was developed by computer science students to enable prospective students to explore the PennWest California campus. The Computer Club at PennWest California gives students the chance to share knowledge, make networking connections beyond campus, and participate in activities, speaker events and computer building programs.

PennWest California’s computer science program prepares students with the skillsets that are in demand by top employers in technology, including the abilities to:

  •  Apply knowledge of computing and mathematics appropriate to the discipline.
  •  Analyze a problem and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution.
  •  Design, implement and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component or program to meet desired needs.
  •  Function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal.
  •  Develop an understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities.
  •  Communicate effectively with a range of audiences.
  •  Analyze the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society.
  •  Recognize the need for and demonstrate an ability to engage in continuing professional development.
  •  Use current techniques, skills and tools necessary for computing practice;
  • Apply mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles and computer science theory in the modeling and design of computer-based systems in a way that demonstrates comprehension of the tradeoffs involved in design choices.
  • Apply design and development principles in the construction of software system of varying complexity in a variety of language platform.

Apply Your Learning Every Day

PennWest California’s computer science projects lab contains reconfigurable furniture to support individual students and work groups as they plan, design, develop, test and analyze computer and electrical engineering technology-related senior-level projects. The senior project lab is equipped with Windows and Mac workstations, allowing students to implement hands-on and real-application-oriented senior projects. State-of-the-art labs offer Windows workstations with the latest programs to assist students with computer science core courses. The interactive group lab facilitates collaborative teamwork at tables and Windows workstations.

PennWest California's computer science program covers a wide range of hardware and software topics. Our core languages are C, C++, Java and Assembly, but students also choose electives from a pool that contains COBOL, FORTRAN and Python. Students also benefit from comprehensive coverage of computer hardware and operating system concepts in a four-course sequence.  Other program course topics include Compiler Design, Theory of Languages, Structures of Languages, and Analysis of Algorithms. 

Computer science students can choose to participate in PennWest California's annual Strike a Spark Conference, where undergraduates are encouraged to present their research work via posters, oral sessions, creative displays and performances. Students can present research they've done by themselves or under the supervision of faculty members. PennWest California's Center for Undergraduate Research also accepts proposals to support undergraduate research. With a faculty sponsor, students can submit a proposal with a maximum funding level of $2,000 for a semester.

Your PennWest California computer sciences will give you the opportunity to explore and learn in-depth about computer programming, database applications, visual programming, analysis of algorithms and more. You’ll also examine the broader context for computers in our world.  For instance, the course, Global, Economic and Social Ethical Issues in Computing, focuses on ethical challenges within computer technology, computer crimes and hacking, database privacy, professional liability, and international laws and governance.

Get your start in the dynamic field of computer science at PennWest California today.  Apply now!   

Students work on a computer science project.

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