The cal u advantage for data science: sas certificates, bachelor and master programs

Are you considering an online SAS certificate or data science degree? PennWest California offers a range of innovative programs in data science in order to meet your specific education and career goals.

Undergraduate Statistics and Data Science Programs

Graduate Statistics and Data Science Programs

Get a Big Data Edge at PennWest California

When you study data science, you’re positioning yourself at the forefront of the global information boom. “Big Data” has become a driving force behind many global industries, and job opportunities in data science, data analysis and statics are growing at incredible rates. 

A degree or certificate from PennWest California helps you harness the full potential of your data science or data analytics career. Our programs have strategic partnerships with SAS—the industry standard for big data analysis—in order to ensure you’re being taught the most relevantsoftware skills that are being used by governments, corporations, start-ups, non-profits, and research labs around the globe. In fact, SAS analytics has been ranked the No. 1 most valuable career-focused skill by Moneymagazine and PayScale.

Choose the Data Science Program that Benefits You

There are many reasons to major in statics and data science, but how do you know which program is right for you? Perhaps you’re looking for an online SAS certificate program that you can fit into a busy schedule. Or maybe you want to pursue a comprehensive on-campus bachelor’s or master’s degree program. Whatever your preferences, if you’re interested in a top qualitydata science program with competitive tuition rates, then PennWest California has you covered.

Here’s a run down of the benefits of PennWest California’s statistics and data science degree, online SAS certificates and applied mathematics master’s degree.

PennWest California Online Undergraduate SAS Certificate Advantages:

  • 100% online courses: All SAS certificate courses can be complete from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Fast completion times: You can complete your online SAS certificate in just three terms, or in one 10-week summer session.
  • Hands-on training: You’ll master SAS software to process real-world information and make sense of data.
  • Practical Skills: You won’t be bogged down by complicated math formulas or heavy coding in this program. The focus of the online SAS Certificate is immediately applicable software and data interpretation skills.
  • Certification Prep: Once your earn your online SAS certificate you’ll be eligible to take the SAS exams to become a SAS Certified Big Data Professional.
  • Discounts: Graduates of PennWest California’s online SAS certificate program get a 50% discount on their SAS testing fees.
  • Degree boost: PennWest California’s online SAS certificate can be used as either a stand-alone credential, or it can serve to boost a bachelor’s degree program in any major.


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PennWest California Statics and Data Science Bachelor’s Degree Advantages:

  • Hybrid Program:About 60% of the undergraduate data science degree coursework is delivered online, and 40% is delivered on PennWest California’s beautiful campus in California, Pennsylvania.
  • Comprehensive courses: This data science degree program covers a broad basis of mathematical, statistical and technical knowledge that will prepare you for a career as a data analyst or data scientist. You also learn related skills such as database management and computer programming.
  • Customizable credits: PennWest California bachelor’s degree in data science includes 20 elective credits that enable you to customize your degree to your interests.
  • Industry standard software skills: You’ll master essential data science software, such asBase SA, SAS Visual Analytics, SAS with Hadoop, R software, Python programming and Tableau.
  • Certification prep: This bachelor’s degree includes all requirements for the SAS certificate and you’ll be prepared to become a SAS Certified Big Data Professional.

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Read on to learn about the advantages of PennWest California’s Online SAS graduate certificate and applied mathematics master degree.

PennWest California Online SAS Graduate Certificate Advantages:

  • 100% online courses: All SAS certificate courses can be complete at the location and time that best fits your busy schedule.
  • Accelerated learning: You can earn the online SAS graduate certificate in only three terms, or in one 10-week summer session. 
  • Added Value: The career-focused big data skills learned in PennWest California’s online SAS graduate certificate program will increases the value of you previously earned bachelor's degree, regardless of your major.
  • Certification Prep: The online SAS graduate certificate prepares you for the SAS exams to become a SAS Certified Big Data Professional.
  • Discounts: PennWest California online SAS graduate certificate program graduates are eligible for a 50% discount on SAS testing fees.
  • Practical Skills: Your certificate coursework will focus on the essential software and data analysis skills that are used by today’s leading data scientists.
  • Pay Boost:According to Moneymagazine and PayScale, expertise in SAS analytics results in an average pay increase of 6.1%.

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PennWest California Statics and Data Science master Degree Advantages:

  • 100% online courses:PennWest California’s applied mathematics master degree enables working professionals to complete all coursework online at their convenience.
  • Hands-on capstone: One of the biggest benefits of the applied mathematics masters degree program is the capstoneinternship experience you’ll gain in a corporate, industrial or other professional setting. 
  • PSM affiliation: This professional master’s degree program is affiliated with365 Professional Science Master’s (PSM) programs nationwide.
  • Comprehensive coursework: This career-focused master’s degree program combines advanced coursework in big data and statistical data analysis with leadership management skills to give you a competitive edge in the job market.
  • Certificate option: With the addition of only six credits, applied mathematics master degree students can obtain an online SAS graduate certificate and graduate ready to pursue SAS Big Data Professional certification.

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