what can you do with a statistics and data science degree?

It may come as no surprise that global companies like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Twitter heavily rely on increasing amounts of data to produce tailored content and personalized advertising. But did you know that this “data deluge” is currently transforming the day-to-day operations of nearly every business and industry?

Along with the immense amount of big data being generated today comes an increasing need for trained data scientists and statisticians who can gather, analyze and interpret that data. In 2020 alone, there is expected to be nearly 3 million new job postings for professionals with data science and analytic skills.

A data science degree from PennWest California will enable you to enter the booming career field of data science with the hands-on experience and training needed by today’s most innovative companies.

You’ll graduate with in-demand software and big data skills, and will be ready to join the ranks of top data scientists, data analysts and statisticians across industries. You’ll also be prepared for certification as an SAS Certified Big Data Professional — an industry recognized credential from a global leader in analytics software that will help you stand out in your job applications.

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Primary job paths for data science and statistics majors

Most graduates of statistics and data science degree programs go on to careers in the four job categories:

  • Data Analyst:A career as a data analyst consists of transforming data into information that can be easily read, and which offers actionable insight into business decisions.
  • Data Architect:The job of data architect is to help companies create database structures based on their particular data storage and retrieval needs. Data architects also use data software and computer programming skills to monitoring and troubleshoot database issues.
  • Data Scientist:A career as a data scientist involved turning data into value. Job responsibilities include retrieving and analyzing data to improve business performance, and building AI tools that can automate tasks.
  • Information Officer:The job of an information officer is to manage, maintain and organize databases and digital resources. Information officers also use their data science expertise to ensure data is both highly protected and easily accessible.


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Salaries and job titles data science and statistics degree holders

Though the above jobs cover the main career areas that data science and statistics majors pursue, the data science job market is full of variety and nuance. To help you get a picture of the broad range of what can you do with a statistics and data science degree—and the impressive salaries you can expect in various positions—here is a sample list of data science job titles you can pursue with PennWest California data science degree.  Which job is right for you?

  • Data scientist: According to Glassdoor, the average salary for data scientists in the US is $120,931. If you work for a global mega company, like Facebook, you can expect to be earning well over $200k.
  • Business intelligence analyst: According to Glassdoor, business intelligence analysts earn an average of $79,613 per year.
  • Chief information officer: According to Indeed, a job as a Chief information officer can earn you an average of $121,652 per year.
  • Data warehouse analyst: A data analyst working in a warehouse setting earns and average of $71,328 per year, according to Glassdoor.
  • Data Visualization Developer: In the exciting career of data visualization developer you can expect to earn an average of $118,500 per year, according to Zip Recruiter.
  • Business System Analyst: This in-demand data science job has an average salary of $74,668 year according to Glassdoor.
  • Data mining analyst: This essential data analyst job has and average salary of $65,470, according to Glassdoor.
  • Big Data Solutions Architect: Glassdoor reports the national average salary for big data solutions architects as $116,171 per year.
  • Database manager: Your statistics and data science degree could earn you an average of $76,088 per year in the role of database manager, according to Glassdoor.
  • Data modeler: If you like building conceptual and physical models of data, this data science career can earn you $78,601 per year, according to Glassdoor.
  • Database developer: A well-paid career that is needed in nearly all industries, the role of data base developer brings in an average of $86,090 per year, according to Glassdoor.
  • Database administrator: Your PennWest California data science degree can land you a job as a database developer, which according to Glassdoor has an average salary of$77,428 per year.
  • Data strategist: PayScale reports that the average salary for career data strategists is $57, 946 per year.
  • Business data analyst: No matter which industry you work in, the career of business data analyst is a solid bet with an average salary of $67,610 per year, according to Glassdoor.
  • Data engineer: One of the higher-paying positions you can pursue as a data science and statistics major is data engineer. According to Glassdoor in this job you can expect to earn an average of $137,776per year.
  • Machine learning engineer: The dynamic career of machine learning engineer has an average salary of $120,931 per year, according to Glassdoor.

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