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Small businesses and big corporations alike are gathering and storing more information than ever before in history. In fact, IBM estimates that over 2.5 quintillion bytes of information are being generated each day. But more important than the amount of information being created and stored, is how that information is used to improve business decisions and drive growth.

A statistics and data science degree from PennWest California is an innovative program that combines data science knowledge with applied learning on industry-standard software. In other words, as a data science and statics major you will learn how to manage and analyze "big data" in order to offer business insights and increase competition in a wide range of industries, such as finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail and more.

PennWest California’s statistics and data science degree prepares you for the two exams needed to become a SAS Certified Big Data Professional—an industry recognized credential from one of the world’s leading data analytics software and services providers. Our statistics and data science degree program also gives you the in-demand skills you need for a high-impact career as a statistician, data scientist, data analyst or informatics professional in a variety of fields.  These are just a few of the many reasons to PennWest California is a top choice for a data science and statistics degree.

Discover PennWest California's Innovative Statistics and Data Science Programs

At PennWest California, there are three different options for studying statistics and data science, depending on your education level and career goals. Learn more about these three statistics and data science programs, and the PennWest California advantage

Undergraduate Certificate:This 100% online certificate in statistics and data science consists of four, 3-credit courses and a capstone project. The certificate can be a stand-alone credential, or serve as a supplement to a bachelor’s degree. It will also prepare to you become a SAS Certified Big Data Professional.

Bachelor’s Degree:The most comprehensive of PennWest California’s innovate statistics and data science programs, this four-year bachelor’s degree that combines on-campus and online courses. In addition to all the requirements to earn a SAS Data Science Certificate you’ll also take in-depthcourses in mathematics, statistics and technical concepts, while building related skills in database management and computer programming.

Graduate Certificate: This 100% online graduate certificate can be added to an existing bachelor’s degree, and can be completed in three terms. Upon completion, you’ll be prepares you to become a SAS Certified Big Data Professional. This graduate certificate can be combined with PennWest California’s applied mathematics master’s degree program.

What will I learn in PennWest California's statistics and data science bachelor's degree program?

So what exactly is a statistics and data science degree at PennWest California and what will you learn? Above and beyond combining elements of a statistics degree with a data science degree, PennWest California’s program centers are the real-world data and software skillsyou’ll need to analyze and manage big data. These skills are more important than ever in today’s information-driven world, and data scientist is one of the fastest growing professions in both Pennsylvania and the United States.

Software skillsyou’ll master in PennWest California’s data science and statistics degree program include:

  • Base SAS: The essential software used by data scientists for data analysis and manipulation, information storage and retrieval, data cleaning, descriptive statistics and reporting.
  • SAS Visual Analytics: A powerful tool used by data analyststo visualize data.
  • SAS with Hadoop:No data science degreeis complete with out knowledge of this software for processing and storing big data sets.
  • R software:Data scientists well versed in this software for statistical computing and graphics have a competitive edge.
  • Python programming language:This highhigh-level programming language is used by data scientists and data analysts for statistical modeling.
  • Tableau: This data analysis software helps gain key business insights through identifying trends in statistics. 


Immediately applicable conceptsand knowledge covered in PennWest California’s degree program include:

  • Business Statistics:Statistical techniques relevant to business applications, with an emphasis on the identification of appropriate statistical methods to use, proper interpretation and the appropriate presentation of results.
  • Calculus II:Advanced calculus concepts including the integral and its applications, inverse functions; logarithmic functions, hyperbolic functions and techniques of integration.
  • Linear Algebra:Systems of linear equations and matrices, determinants, vectors in n-space and vector spaces.
  • Data Preparation and Cleaning:Methods for locating and handling invalid values, out-of-range values, and missing values along with methods for managing datasets using SAS software.
  • Data Visualization:Techniques and tools for creating effective data visualizations for categorical data, time series data, spatial and geospatial data using SAS software.


PennWest California’s statistics and data science degree program also incorporates a broad range of general education courses that will expand your horizons and provide you with a well-rounded educationin the sciences and liberal arts.

Are you ready for a career that puts you in the driver’s seat of the booming information economy? Apply to PennWest California’s statistics and data science degree program today.

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