Philosophy Undergraduate Minor

About the Philosophy Minor

Learn to think deeply and communicate clearly with a minor in philosophy.

 Known as "the mother of all sciences," philosophy uses logical reasoning to explore the nature of reality, knowledge and values.

A minor in philosophy at PennWest California complements and enhances any academic major. You'll study the historical development of philosophical theories and learn how to assess them. You'll also learn to think logically, examine issues from different perspectives and present your ideas effectively in writing.

Students who minor in philosophy at PennWest California can select courses that align with their interests. Philosophy minors take courses in:

  • Logic
  • History of philosophy.
  • Philosophical topics of their choosing.

Seek answers to some of life's most challenging questions.

For centuries, philosophers have addressed questions that remain equally relevant today: How can individuals balance their own needs against those of society? Can morality be enforced by law? How do changes in science and technology affect people's beliefs, values and behavior?

As a philosophy minor, you'll join this ongoing conversation. In the process you'll gain historical perspective and develop essential thinking and communication skills sought by employers in a wide range of fields. Learning to think about issues in a broader context is a skill that proves valuable in any career.


Academic enrichment: A philosophy minor complements any academic major. You'll be challenged to examine the assumptions and principles that govern your major field of study, to study formal logic, and to explore other areas of interest, in courses such as Medical Ethics, Philosophy of Film, Bioethics, Philosophy of Science, Aesthetic Theory, and World Religions. Many courses include in-depth discussions of contemporary issues.

In-demand skills: Philosophy students typically do well in graduate school, whether in philosophy or another discipline. Increasingly, their skills are in demand outside academia, too. For example, innovative engineering, software and technology firms are hiring students with philosophy backgrounds, because their ability to understand how others think, and to formulate a clear and logical response, can help the firm to understand and shape the user experience.

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Credits required for a philosophy minor at PennWest California.
PennWest California programs that can be enhanced with a minor in philosophy.
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Benefits of the Minor

Studies show that philosophy students do better than other liberal arts students on standardized tests such as the widely used GRE graduate admissions test; the GMAT, used in admission to graduate management programs, such as MBA programs; and the LSAT, used in law school admissions.* Studying philosophy also builds transferable and highly marketable skills that prepare students to adapt to change as their careers progress. * Source:

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Graduate Outcomes

A study by and Payscale shows that philosophy students have an average mid-career salary of $78,300, the highest mid-career salary for any major outside the STEM fields. Within the past five years, PennWest California philosophy students have earned impressive degrees, including a Juris Doctorate (law degree) from Suffolk University and a Master of Arts in Philosophy from Duquesne University.

Minor in Philosophy
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Think big

Join like-minded students in pondering some of humanity's most significant questions. Explore how others have thought about these big ideas, and learn to present your own thoughts clearly and logically. 

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Stand out

A minor in philosophy can help your resume stand out. Employers in diverse fields, including software start-ups and technology firms, are hiring philosophy students because they value the way they think and express their ideas.

Philosophy Courses


Course Credits
Logic Courses
(Select one course from the following)
PHI 115  Logic and Language 3
PHI 311  Formal Logic I 3
History of Philosophy Courses
(Select two courses from the following)
PHI 201  Ancient Philosophy 3
PHI 205  Medieval Philosophy 3
PHI 206  16th-18th Century Phil.  3
PHI 431  Analytic Philosophy 3
Philosophy Electives 12
Select four PHI courses at the 300 or 400 level 12
Total 21