Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Online Undergraduate Certificate

About the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate

Be ready to seize opportunities in a volatile business environment.

Learn to recognize and act on the opportunities created by innovation with an online Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from PennWest California.

With this 15-credit certificate program, you'll develop the holistic business skill set required to create a successful new enterprise or expand your responsibilities within an existing firm, even under adverse business conditions.

Explore cutting-edge innovations that are changing the business world.

Courses developed specifically for PennWest California's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate program focus on innovation management, financial entrepreneurship, and financial technology with the potential to disrupt business and financial systems, including:

  • Crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin.
  • Digital money or virtual currency.
  • Blockchain technology.

 With this online certificate, you will be well prepared to take advantage of employment opportunities that call for strong business skills, an innovative mindset and an understanding of these emerging technologies.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS:Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate

21st-century skills: Topics covered in this certificate program include some of the major drivers of the new economy, including mobile technologies, new business development and distributed ledgers. Individuals with skills in these areas have a competitive advantage in fields such as business, banking and finance.

Faculty expertise: Faculty in this online certificate program have published numerous peer-reviewed academic articles and are recognized experts in their fields. PennWest California is among the only regional universities preparing students specifically for employment in these emerging fields.

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Credits required to complete the online certificate in innovation and entrepreneurship.
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Program Benefits

Enhance your resume by adding the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate to any program of study. The online certificate program is especially useful for computer information systems (CIS) or business majors seeking up-to-the-minute knowledge of innovations that are changing the world of business and finance. Students also can earn the certificate as a stand-alone credential.

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Graduate Outcomes


Individuals and organizations that can respond effectively to disruptive innovations are able to flourish even when business conditions are uncertain. Students who add this certificate to their program of study demonstrate to employers their ability to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Online Certificate
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The Future is Now

In published reports, major financial firms such as Pittsburgh-based BNY Mellon have said that adoption of blockchain-based systems will disrupt their industry and lead to cost savings as financial institutions restructure their back-office staffs. Already BNY Mellon has introduced its own versions of a blockchain-based distributed ledger system.

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Course Spotlight: Financial Technology (Fintech) Elective

The Fintech elective, developed specifically for this certificate program, is the first of its kind in this region. It focuses on technologies such as Bitcoin, an anonymous digital currency independent of any government or bank, with an estimated value of more than $90 billion worldwide.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Online Certificate Courses

This 15-credit certificate program is delivered 100% online and may be combined with any undergraduate degree program. Students also may earn the certificate as a stand-alone credential.

Example Courses
  • Entrepreneurship 1: Small Business Fundamentals

  • Entrepreneurship II: Small Business Management

  • Introduction To Fintech (Financial Technology)

  • Entrepreneurial Finance

  • E-Business Management

  • E-Martketing

  • Innovation Management (Capstone)


Admission Requirements